Academic Hiring Manual

Faculty Search Toolkit

Purpose of the Academic Hiring Process

  1. To recruit and hire the best complement of faculty and academic staff, advancing diversity of the University's academic workforce
  2. To provide substantive and procedural accountability for University commitments to a fair, legal, and effective recruitment process which advances academic workforce diversity
  3. To ensure implementation of principles of affirmative action and equal opportunity in hiring faculty and academic staff
  4. To permit review and authorization of academic position requests with respect to budget and program priorities
  5. To provide a compilation of information in an accessible, understandable, coherent, effective format, so that those responsible at MSU can meet requirements of a fair, legal and effective hiring procedure
  6. To satisfy MSU's commitments to the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) and other federal and state laws, including a database to satisfy audit requirements
  7. To accomplish purposes 1 through 6 expeditiously, with efficient use of human and other resources