Academic Hiring Manual

2.3 Advertising, Recruiting, and Screening

  1. All academic vacancies must be posted locally. Tenure system positions must be advertised nationally. Other continuing appointment system positions must be advertised nationally or within the geographical area customary for the appointment. The application deadline date for all postings must be at least one week after the posting date but preferably longer. Allow ample time (usually at least one month) for the period between posting and hiring.
    • Human Resources fulfills the obligation to post locally.
    • For all other advertising of Provost-approved positions, including additional local advertising or national or international advertising, the unit may deal directly with publications, associations, etc., or may send a purchase requisition for advertising and a copy of the advertisement to the Purchasing Department. All advertisements must conform to the requirements listed on the CHR Approved Academic Position Request form. 
  2. During the two-year period of position approval, postings need to appear only once unless there is a specific unit need to request a repost. In such cases, call or e-mail Human Resources to request a reposting.
  3. Search committee chairperson acknowledges all communications from applicants and from others who suggest candidates. Search committee makes good faith efforts to ensure representation at or above current availability percentages for women and minority groups. Gender and race/ethnicity may be identified while networking to recruit candidates, or as a best guess based on membership in professional associations, the source of applicants, etc.
  4. The Chairperson has the primary responsibility as an individual to ensure adequate representation based on current availability percentages of women and minority groups among the initial applicants and in the candidates remaining after each screening process.
  5. The search committee screens all candidates on the basis of (1) programmatic need, (2) excellence of qualifications and credentials based on clearly delineated job-related criteria, (3) placement goals and (4) diversity considerations. Search committee recommends a list of final (on-campus interview) candidates.
  6. The Chairperson and Dean sequentially approve both the initial applicant list and later the list of final (on-campus interview) candidates. The final list of applicants, including potential alternates, must be listed on the Academic Final Interview Form, with Chairperson and Dean signatures. This is uploaded to the PageUp system. The list of applicants with those denoted for interviews, as well as potential alternates, is sent to the Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives (I3) via the PageUp applicant tracking system for approval of the diversity of the final candidate list. If I3 determines that the diversity of the final candidate list is inadequate, the search committee is directed to undertake additional efforts to obtain adequate representation, and the list of applicants with those denoted for interviews is revised and again submitted for approval. This process continues until the final candidate list has been approved by I3.
    The search committee must not contact final candidates to set up interviews, and must not send any letters of rejection until after I3 approves the final candidate list via the applicant tracking system.

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