Academic Hiring Manual

2.1 Planning the Academic Hiring Procedure

The annual budget planning process is the critical vehicle for employment planning. Although its outcomes are shaped by college and unit planning processes which take account of special college/unit traditions and practices, MSU's Bolder by Design strategic plan provides an organizational/philosophic overlay to the planning process. Central to employment planning decisions must be a commitment to advance the university's realization of equal opportunity, affirmative action and diversity. Equity, educational, organizational and business reasons all require MSU to advance the diversity of its faculty/academic staff compliment.

Chairpersons and Deans have a responsibility as an individual to provide written support for and/or concurrence with recommendations to establish new positions or to fill vacant positions. Planning dialogues between the Chairperson and Dean are expected to address, but not be limited to the following factors:

In order to support administrators in fulfilling their affirmative action responsibilities, new regular and acting Deans/Chairpersons/School Directors meet individually with the Director and Senior Advisor for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives for orientation in unit-specific affirmative action concerns including specific expectations University policy places upon them; how to conduct affirmative action review sessions with search committees; where to find and how to interpret the numerical data provided on affirmative action issues; and how to get assistance if necessary in fulfilling University expectations on affirmative action. In addition, the Office of the Provost provides workshops on an ongoing basis to provide administrators with training and orientation in fulfilling MSU's affirmative action policies.

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