Academic Hiring Manual

1.3 - Domain of the Academic Hiring Procedures

Academic hiring procedures cover faculty and academic staff in both to be offered fixed term appointments as well as those to be offered tenure and continuing system appointments.

Faculty have ranks such as professor, associate professor, assistant professor, librarian, or instructor, and academic staff have position names such as academic specialist, coach, visiting scholar, consultant, resident/intern, FRIB/NSCL engineer, FRIB/NSCL physicist, research associate, lecturer, or assistant instructor; as well as titles such as  assistant to dean, associate or assistant chairperson, associate or assistant director, etc.; academic management administrative titles such as dean, associate and assistant dean, chairperson, or school director, etc.; and executive management titles such as president, provost, associate provost, assistant provost, vice president, associate or assistant vice president, etc.

For a complete listing of ranks and titles approved by the University for faculty and academic staff see "University Approved Academic Position/Ranks" and "University Approved Academic Titles".

Those not covered by the academic hiring procedures are MSU Extension employees and Postdoctoral Fellows.
  1. MSU Extension is an outreach agency which operates under a separate personnel system which includes special hiring guidelines. The affirmative action compliance program for MSUE staff is covered by the United States Department of Agriculture and not the Department of Labor but is consistent with the Academic Hiring Procedures.
  2. Postdoctoral Fellow appointments are based on fellowships paid through MSU and the recipients of such fellowships are not employees and so are not covered by the Academic Hiring Procedures. (However, Research Associates are employees and are covered by the Academic Hiring Procedures.)

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