Academic Hiring Manual

2.5 - Final Appointment


A. The required forms differ for various types of appointments. The following abbreviations are listed in front of the forms to indicate the circumstances for which the form is required.

All = include for all appointments 
Fixed = include only for fixed-term appointments 
Cont = include only for tenure/continuing appointments 
Appl = include only if the form is applicable 
Spec = include only for Specialist appointments 
Cntr = include only if employee is on contract

Chairperson or designee completes the following materials. They are forwarded sequentially to the Dean and Human Resources.

All Appointment form
Cont Prior Approval Letter (Initial appointment as Associate Professor with Tenure or Senior Specialist with Continuing, or Associate Professor Probationary End from two to five years)
Fixed Fixed-Term Faculty/Academic Staff Appointment/Reappointment Memorandum form
All Academic Position Request form
All Search Committee Report
Cont Letter of Offer and Letter of Acceptance
All Final Results of a criminal background check and/or degree verification
Appl Multiple Appointment Memorandum form
Appl Conflict of Interest in Employment, Faculty/Academic Staff form
Spec All Specialist Position Description form
Spec Cont Unit Evaluation Procedures for Specialists
Cntr Copy of Contract (Fixed Term Faculty/Academic Staff Appointment/Reappointment Memorandum is not needed if employee is on contract)
All Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification form

B. The offer letter attachments contain pertinent information for newly hired faculty and academic staff. Since this information is important to all newly hired faculty and academic staff, we require the offer letter attachments for all newly hired faculty and academic staff be completed and included with the hiring offer/fixed-term memo and the hiring form. This includes the following:

‘Newly hired’ includes rehires with a break in service six months or more and transfers from another employee group to one or any of above-mentioned groups. (i.e. support staff to faculty, temp/on-call to faculty, graduate assistant to faculty, student to faculty, no-pay to paid positions). This means any hire, rehire with a break of service six months or more or transfer issued on November 12, 2015, or later will require the most updated offer letter attachments which can be found at the following links:

Note: Reappointment actions will not require completion or inclusion of new offer letter attachments.

C. The Provost approves all actions for which she/he has been delegated authority, and forwards the remaining forms to the President for approval or for submission to the Board of Trustees for approval. See also "Final Approval of Academic Actions

D. Upon request, the Director/Senior Advisor for Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives (or designee) evaluates the selection of the new hire and the terms of appointment, and will prepare on an annual or biennial basis, a college level hiring report for the Provost, with a copy to the Dean. A copy of a unit's hiring report is available, upon request, for review by campus community members.

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