Academic Hiring Manual

2.7 Summary of the Academic Hiring Procedure For Use by Unit Administrators

Search Plan and Position Request 
Get Dean's informal confirmation that position will be approved.

Set up search committee (usually 5-9 members) and designate one member to be affirmative action advocate. See "Academic Hiring Procedure" for charge to the affirmative action advocate.

Include (preferably tenured) women and minorities whenever possible on search committees.

Chairperson conducts affirmative action session with search committee, including identification of all underutilization. Chairperson gives charge to committee and affirmative action advocate, and explains documentation requirements. Chairperson makes the "Handbook for Faculty Searches ..." which contains information on documentation, a checklist of search committee activities, legal guidelines for interviews, etc. available to the search committee.

Consult the "Handbook for Faculty Searches ..." for search strategies to increase the number of women and/or minority candidates.

Write position advertisement.

Chairperson submits CHR Approved Academic Position Request and the Academic Hiring Availability Data & Recruitment Activities form to the Dean for approval.

Human Resources approves CHR Approved Academic Position Request. Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives (I3) approves the Academic Hiring Availability Data & Recruitment Activities form and the search committee composition on the CHR Approved Academic Position Request form. 

Advertising, Recruiting and Screening 
Make sure Human Resources has approved the position before advertising. If I3 requires or suggests additional steps to identify a diverse set of candidates, make sure these steps are taken.

Tenure and continuing system positions must be advertised nationally or within the geographical area customary for the appointment. Positions may also be posted locally and/or internationally.

Application deadline date must be at least 2 weeks after posting date but preferably longer. Allow ample time (usually at least 1 month but preferably longer) for the period between posting and hiring.

Chairperson has primary responsibility to ensure adequate representation based on current availability percentages of women and minority groups among the initial applicants and in the candidates remaining after each screening process. Dean approves initial applicant pool.

Search committee screens all candidates on the basis of 1) programmatic need, 2) excellence of qualifications and credentials based on clearly delineated job-related criteria, 3) placement goals and 4) diversity considerations, and recommends a list of final (on-campus interview) candidates.

Chairperson, Dean and I3 approve the final (on-campus interview) candidate list. If I3 determines that the final candidate list is not adequate, take the necessary steps to achieve appropriate representation on the list.

Search committee must not send any letters of rejection nor schedule any interviews until after I3 has approved the final candidate list.

Search committee and others interview all the candidates on the final list making sure legal guidelines are followed and that treatment and standards for evaluation (including reference checks) are consistent for all candidates.

Final Selection 
Search committee makes its final recommendation, submits its report to the Chairperson, and ensures that all the required documentation for the search is ready to be filed.

Dean approves final selection and terms of appointment ensuring consistency with the CHR Approved Academic Position Request, and ensuring clear and convincing evidence of affirmative action, equal opportunity and non-discrimination in the decisions which have been made.

Prior approval from Provost and President must be obtained to appoint as associate professor with tenure; prior approval from Provost must be obtained to appoint as senior academic specialist with continuing appointment.

Chairperson writes letter of offer making sure all the required information is included.

When candidate accepts offer, fill out "Exposure to Health Risks / Physical Demands form" form if any conditions listed on the form apply to the position, send the form to the applicable office, schedule an appointment for evaluation before the employee begins work.

Chairperson submits the Appointment form, Search Committee Report and all other required attachments to Dean. See "Academic Hiring Procedure" for required attachments.

Department keeps documentation of the search for 3 years after the effective date of the hire.

I3 makes an affirmative action evaluation of selection of new hires and terms of appointment, and submits annual report to the Provost with a copy to the Dean.

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