Academic Hiring Manual

4.1 When to Use an On-Call Appointment/Reappointment


Academic on-call appointments/reappointments are provided for individuals (with employee status) appointed on a short-term, fixed-term basis for all non-credit academic activities where payment and service may vary. In addition to the usual University-approved position/ranks and titles, such as instructor, academic specialist for curriculum development or outreach activities, advisor, etc. used for academic appointments, the following position/ranks may be used for on-call appointments: Interpreter, Program Presenter, Tutor.

If an individual is to be appointed for a credit course, an on-call appointment is not used; instead, the regular academic personnel hiring procedures are required. See the "Academic Hiring Procedure".

To determine whether an individual may be processed as an independent contractor, see the Manual of Business Procedures and the Independent Contractor Status - Determination and Documentation form. Questions concerning independent contractor status should be directed to Purchasing (517-355-1700).

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