Requesting Access to Tiles

Tiles are granted based on security roles ( see the list of tiles and roles ). For many tiles this happens automatically based on your employment status. For others, the security role must be requested.

You CANNOT request an individual tile. Rather, you must request the relevant security role, and will receive all related tiles.


General Instructions

Use the electronic Access Request Memorandum (eARM) to request most of these roles. Follow these step-by-step directions:

  1. Log into eARM
  2. Choose Access type of "EBS - Unit HR Roles" or "EBS - Manager Self Service Role"
  3. Search for then add the employee who will receive the role
  4. Choose the role listed in the "Relevant HR Role(s) to Request" column in the table below
  5. Additional Information may be required (see the table below under "Specific Instructions" )
  6. Enter any explanatory notes
  7. Save the form
  8. Submit the form

Once approved by your unit and MSU IT Services, the access will be granted; this will take several business days, and up to 2 weeks during busy periods. The related tiles will appear the following day.

Specific Instructions

Some security roles require additional information on the eARM form, or an additional action to be fully functional.

Role Detail Required for eARM form
Manager Self-Service

8-digit position number of supervisor or substitute

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENT: Proper reporting relationships must be created.

HR Unit Time Administrator 8-digit code of the department(s) or MAU 2-digit code managed by employee
HR Time Entry Specialist 8-digit code of the department(s) or MAU 2-digit code managed by employee
HR Unit Administrator

Types of employees being managed (Support Staff, Faculty, Students, Graduate Students, Temp/On-Call)

HR Unit Reporting Administrator 8-digit code of the departments for which data will be available
HR Unit TOC Form Initiator 8-digit code of the departments for which the forms will be available
EBS Unit HR Payroll Approver

This role has a specific ARM form that must be completed

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENT: The NetID must be entered in Workflow Routing .

Reppointment, Promotion & Tenure 8-digit code of department(s) or MAU(s) will be managed by the employee
  • For Annual Review, the department is the ones that faculty members' positions reports to
  • For Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure forms, the department is the "tenure granting department," for faculty, which may be different than the department the position belongs to

Use the Generic version of the eARM form
(leave 2-3 weeks processing time so that access can be granted prior to November 1 for the annual cycle)