Unit Administrator

There are five different Unit Administrator roles – one for each of the five different employee types.

  • Unit Administrator - Support Staff
  • Unit Administrator - Faculty/Academic Staff
  • Unit Administrator - Graduate Assistants
  • Unit Administrator - Students
  • Unit Administrator - Temp/On-Call
    (To initiate position posting forms for Temp/On-Call, the  "HR Unit TOC Form Initiator" role is also required)

A person may possess all of these roles, just one or any combination. Different links/tiles (listed below) appear based on these roles.

Requesting Access: Detailed instructions for requesting access are located on the Requesting Access to Tiles page.

Unit Administrator - Support Staff

Actions group tile(s)

Post Support Staff Position

Unit Administrator - Faculty/Academic Staff

Actions group tile(s)

Academic Position Request

Unit Administrator - Temporary and On-Call

Actions group tile(s)

Post Temporary or On-Call Position

Unit Administrator (All Roles)

Which employee records can be accessed is by these roles (e.g. the “Unit Administrator Support Staff” role must be granted to see support staff in “Display and Update Employee Information.”)

Enterprise Business Systems tiles

    • Applicant Tracking System
    • Business Intelligence and Analytics

My Approvals & Workflow tiles

    • Action List: Finance; Research Admin
    • Pay Change & Cost Redistribution

Actions tiles

    • Applicant Tracking System
    • Create Org Ref ID
    • Display and Update Employee Information
    • Edit Business Address
    • HR\Payroll Forms & Cost Redistributions (Specific forms or actions within this link show based on security roles)
    • Position Details & Relationships
    • Work Schedule Change Request
    • Work Schedules Catalog

Reports tiles

    • ACA Time Report
    • Business Intelligence and Analytics
    • Employee Accounting String Distribution
    • Employee End Dates
    • Employee Information
    • Employee Work Schedule
    • Financial System
    • HR Forms Workflow Report
    • Labor Distribution
    • Pay Change & Cost Redistribution
    • Pay Changes Initiated by HR
    • Planning & Budgets
    • Position Details & Relationships
    • Position Details by Organizational Unit
    • Reminder of Dates
    • Work Schedules Catalog

(For the techies:)

  • /group/EBS/HR/HR Unit Administrator - Faculty & Academic Staff
  • /group/EBS/HR/HR Unit Administrator - Grad Assist
  • /group/EBS/HR/HR Unit Administrator - Hourly/TOC
  • /group/EBS/HR/HR Unit Administrator - Students
  • /group/EBS/HR/HR Unit Administrator - Support Staff