Common Issues for New Employees

Below are common issues new employees encounter.

Issue: "Not Authorized"


If the process to hire someone has NOT been completed and they attempt to log into the EBS Portal, they will receive the message "Not Authorized." This means they do not yet have security roles assigned to their MSU NetID.

What to Do?

For the message, "Not Authorized," contact the department that is hiring to see the status of the hire. 

Security roles are not granted until BOTH of the two items below have occurred:

  • the employee's start date
  • the day after the hire has been approved by the hiring unit AND processed by Human Resources

The start date would normally be AFTER the hiring process has been completed, but that isn't always the case. This is especially true in August and September when the volume of hiring and appointments from MSU departments increases substantially.

If the hiring process was completed more than a day prior and the issue still exists, have the employee's department check to make sure the MSU NetID being used matches the one on the personnel record. Corrections are facilitated through the Identity Management Office (contact them via the MSU IT Services Desk).

Issue: "Not Authenticated"


The message "Not Authenticated" means there is a mismatch between the username and password. If someone cannot remember the correct password, they may need to reset the password. Usually this is because:

  • There is an error in what was typed
  • An out-of-date password was used
  • There are more than one MSU NetID, each with different passwords

What to Do?

Resetting the password associated with the NetID will typically resolve this issue. If not, contact the MSU IT Service Desk.

Issue: Second, Blue Login Screen

If a person gets through, but is prompted for a second login once they reach, it is because they were using the NetID that is NOT associated with the EBS Portal login.

Cause #1

If a person has two MSU NetIDs, both can be used to log in, however, the EBS Portal is only tied to one of those NetIDs. 

What to Do?

Have the security administrator of the employee's department check to see if there is more than one MSU NetID. If there is more than one, the Identity Management group in IT Services can merge NetIDs so there is only one. File a ticket through the MSU IT Services Desk.

Cause #2

The person has a MSU NetID but that NetID has not yet been sent to the EBS Portal.

What to Do?

If the person only has one NetID, check to see if their hire has been processed by Human Resources more than one day prior.

  • If the hire has not been processed by HR more than one day prior, wait until the day after the hire is processed before attempting to log in.
  • If the hire has been processed by HR more than one day prior, file a ticket with the MSU IT Service Desk