Time Entry for Students and Non-Union Temporary/On-Call Employees 

Student employees and Non-Union Temporary/On-Call employees MAY be able to enter their own working time in the EBS Portal.

Keep in mind that anyone employed by multiple departments will only be able to enter time for those departments who have granted the ability to do so. Time entry for other assignments will continue to be the units’ responsibility.

Contact the Payroll Office (CTLR.Payroll@ctlr.msu.edu) to request the ability for your student and non union temporary/on-call employees to enter their own time.

How Else is Time Entered?

Time can also be entered for an employee by:

Separation of Duties

The person who enters the time for an employee should not approve it. 

Who Can See What Time Has Been Entered?

Supervisors and their substitutes can see hours for employees in their reporting structure (regardless of organizaitonal unit).

Unit Time Administrators can see all employees in the organizational unit(s) for which they have the Unit Time Administrator role(s).