Dental Coverage Options

MSU offers dental coverage options through Delta Dental and Aetna to all benefits-eligible full-time and part-time (50.0-89.9%) employees. Please refer to the appropriate Benefits Open Enrollment Guide based on your employee type for plan eligibility, premium rates, and coverage charts. The following dental plans are available:

  • Delta Dental PPO
  • Delta Dental PPO Premium
  • Aetna DMO
  • Aetna Premium DMO

Payroll deductions for dental premiums (if applicable) are deducted on a pre-tax basis, so that employees will save money on their premiums.

Delta Dental 

Delta Dental Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

The Delta Dental PPO plan is designed to offer you more convenience in selecting service providers and services performed. With a 50% co-pay on all services, a $600 Annual Maximum and a $600 Lifetime Orthodontic Maximum, you have the freedom to choose from hundreds of participating providers. Moreover, you can seek care from participating and non-participating providers, although using a non-participating provider may incur additional costs. For more information on participating providers, please contact Delta Dental (contact information is below).

Delta Dental PPO Premium - NEW for the 2024 Plan Year

The Delta Dental PPO Premium plan offers comprehensive coverage. It includes additional services such as sealants and adult orthodontics, and it provides a higher level of coverage for many dental services. With 100% coverage for diagnostic and preventative services, a $2,000 Annual Maximum and a $2,000 Lifetime Orthodontic Maximum, you can rest assured that your dental needs are well taken care of. Importantly, diagnostic and preventive services do not apply to the annual maximum. 

Delta Dental Comparison Tool

Would the Basic or Premium Delta plans be more cost effective for you?  This “Modeler” tool allows you to enter factors such as single, two-person or family coverage; whether individuals on your plan are likely to have low, average or high dental care needs; and whether any members will need braces to get an estimate of which Delta Dental plan may be more cost effective for your needs.

Please note: This is an illustrative tool to show how the plans might compare under varying circumstances and results are not guaranteed. The tool is designed to help you compare coverages and costs between the Delta Basic and Premium plans only – Aetna plans are not included in the model.

Delta Dental Contact Information and Resources:


Aetna DMO and Aetna Premium DMO

Enrollees select a participating Primary Care Dentist (PCD) in a Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO) like Aetna DMO and Aetna Premium DMO. Their primary dental care is provided by that dentist only at locations and by dentists who participate in the plan. Although the choice of providers is limited, the DMO tends to cover a greater range of services at lower co-pays and does not have an annual maximum.

If you plan to enroll in the Aetna DMO or Aetna Premium DMO plan, please verify that the dentist you want to use accepts “Aetna DMO” rather than just “Aetna” to avoid rejected claims.

Guidance for Employees that Enroll in an Aetna Plan

Eligibility for Aetna is determined by where you live. Please contact Aetna directly to confirm your eligibility to enroll in this plan based on your state and zip code. Please note that some areas, within Michigan, are not eligible for coverage through Aetna.

Aetna Contact Information and Resources:

Questions: Please contact the HR Solutions Center at 517-353-4434, 800-353-4434 or