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Dental Coverage FAQs

Adding a dependent requires that you complete an Add Family Member or Dependent form for each dependent that you would like to add to your health benefit plans. In addition you will also be required to supply additional documentation such as marriage certificates, birth certificate(s) and/or court documents for each dependent you are adding. Documents can be:

  • Emailed to,
  • Faxed to 517-432-3862,
  • Sent by U.S. Mail to or you may bring a copy of your document(s) to the Human Resources Office at:
MSU Human Resources
1407 S. Harrison Road, Suite 110
East Lansing, MI 48823-5239

Requests to add new dependents to your plans and documentation must be received within 30 days of being hired, becoming Newly Eligible or if you have a mid-year qualifying event. If you do not enroll dependents within the allotted time, you will be required to postpone enrollment until the next open enrollment period.

For more information about enrolling your dependents please see  Benefits Enrollment/Changes .

Aetna and Aetna Premium  - Aetna is a dental maintenance organization (DMO), therefore you must see a primary care dentist in their provider network. Therefore, there are no claim forms to be submitted. 

Delta Dental  - If your dentist is not located in Michigan or if your dentist cannot provide you with a claim form, you may obtain a claim form from Delta Dental Plan of Michigan. Claims, adjustment requests and completed information requests should be mailed to Delta Dental, P.O. Box 9085, Farmington Hills, MI 48333-9085.

Aetna and Aetna Premium  offers orthodontic benefits to children and adults. Please see the  Aetna DMO  or  Aetna Premium brochures for copay amounts. 

Delta Dental Plan  pays a lifetime maximum of $600 for orthodontic benefits for you and each of your eligible dependents, provided you or your eligible dependent is under age 19. For more information about copayments please see  Delta Dental Brochure .

To change dental carriers you must wait for the next open enrollment period. If dependents are newly acquired (marriage, birth, adoption, etc.), you may add them to your dental plan within 30 days. Otherwise you must wait for the next open enrollment period. For more information about enrolling your dependents please see  Benefits Enrollment/Changes .

Eligible dependents include your: 
Legal spouse/OEI, Eligible Children  (Biological son, biological daughter, adopted son, adopted daughter, stepson and stepdaughter), Dependents  Other Than Eligible Children  (Principally supported grandchildren (non-adopted), nieces (non-adopted), nephews (non-adopted), wards under legal guardianship (foster children through age 18). 

Note: Dependent children may be covered until the end of the calendar year they reach age 23 for dental. For more information about dependent eligibility and required documentation please see Eligible Dependents and Required Documentation .

Aetna: 1-877-238-6200

Delta Dental Plan of Michigan: 1-800-524-0149

If you are covered under Aetna, you may change to Delta Dental Plan of Michigan when moving out of the service area.
Under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986,  COBRA , if an employee and/or their eligible dependents involuntarily lose health and/or dental coverage through MSU (i.e., termination of employment, death of employee or retiree, dependent marriage, termination of the OEI relationship, divorce/separation, etc.), notification of  COBRA   r ights will be sent by MSU Human Resources Benefits. A completed election form must be returned to the MSU Human Resources Benefits within 60 days from the date of notification or loss of coverage, whichever is later.

 Aetna : 
Once you have enrolled for your dental benefits, please contact Aetna at 1-877-238-6200 to select your primary care dentist. You must choose a primary care dentist before an ID card will be mailed to you.

Delta Dental Plan of Michigan : 
Once you have enrolled for your dental benefits, you will receive ID cards from Delta Dental. If you don't receive ID cards from Delta Dental or have any questions regarding your ID cards, contact Delta Dental at 800-524-0149.