Employees with the Manager Self-Service security role receive the following tiles/links.

Requesting Access

Supervisors must also have the proper position number listed on the ARM form. Supervisors who move to new positions must file a new MSS eARM form listing their new position.

NOTE: Reporting relationships to subordinates and substitute positions must be set up as well. Unit Administrators maintain reporting relationships in "Position Details & Relationships."

Step-by-step instructions are located on the webpage Requesting Access to Tiles.

Group Tiles
Enterprise Business Systems Business Intelligence and Analytics
My Approvals & Workflow tile Approve Employee Time
Supervisor Tools

Approve Employee Time
Employee Data Report
Employee Work Schedule
Enter Employee Time
FMLA Balance and Usage
My Team
Paid Medical Leave
Quota Balance Summary
Quota Usage Detail
Recorded Time Entries
Reminder of Dates
Work Schedule Change Request
Work Schedules Catalog

(For the techies: /group/EBS/HR/Manager Self-Service - MSS)