Authorized Signer Workflow

What is an MAU Authorized Signer and Executive Office Signer?

  • An MAU Authorized Signer is the highest-level executive of an MAU or the dean of a college.
  • An Executive Office Signer is the highest-level officer/executive in the President’s Office, Provost Office, 
    and Health Sciences.
  • These individuals have the authority and are required to approve various types of employment transactions.
  • The formal list of MAU Authorized Signers and Executive Office Signers is located on the HR website at - MAU 
    Authorized Signature List 
    • These signers currently authorize today by wet signature, email, or by being department-level approver in workflow.

MAU Authorized Signers Approve 

MAU Authorized Signers Approve the following types of support staff transactions today:

  • Special base pay increases for merit, equity, market, or retention.
  • Reclassifications above contractual amounts and above 5% or 10% depending on union change and level.
  • Support staff lump sum payments for merit, equity, market, or retention.
  • Hiring recommendations above the progression level for the pay range. (cc only)
  • A list of these transactions requiring MAU Authorized Signer can be found in the Special Increases for Support Staff Policy and Procedure (

Executive Office Signers Approve

Executive Office Signers additionally approve these same support staff transactions when:

  • A pay change or reclassification is over a 10% increase
  • The employee receiving the pay increase reports directly to the MAU Authorized Signer.
  • The MAU Authorized Signer is also the Executive Office Signer. In these cases, the next level executive office 
    signer would approve


The MAU Authorized Signer workflow level and the Executive Office Signer workflow level will be two distinct 
workflow levels in addition to the regular organizational (departmental) workflow levels.   If an MAU Authorized Signer is already in an organization’s workflow level, they will only need to approve once and not at both the department and MAU Authorized Signer level.   HR Class and Comp will maintain both authorized signer workflow tables for the university.


MAU Authorized Signers and Executive Officer Signers may assign up to two delegates per MAU/Executive Office.  Authorized signers will be required to fill out a PDF form naming their delegates and will use this same form to 
update delegates. 

Delegates who are already in an organization’s workflow will need to approve in their capacity as an org approver 
and will separately need to approve in their capacity as an MAU Authorized Signer or Executive Office Signer delegate.

Delegates will always be included in the workflow for the authorized signer automatically, however, the authorized 
signer should have internal discussions with the delegate to determine when they should step in and approve.