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Choosing the Correct Sub-Object Code

When working with cost (re-)distributions (including the distribution section of HR forms), the use of the Sub-Object Code (Cost Center) is an option for departments who use this accounting string data element.

Knowing which Sub-Object Code to choose can be a challenge. Sub-Object Codes for compensation are tied to an employee type, therefore the proper sub-object must be chosen to prevent an error.

Here is how to look up the proper Sub-Object Code before attempting funding entries in the HR/Payroll System.

Finding the Correct Code

From the EBS Portal, follow these steps:

  1. Go into the Financial System
  2. In the Lookup and Maintenance section, under the Chart of Accounts heading, choose the link “Sub Object Code
  3. Enter the Account number (e.g. GA123456) and click “Search
  4. In the Object Code column, click each of the values. A new screen will open. The Object Code Name will indicate for which type of employee the code should be used
  5. Take note of the proper code for use later

Using the Correct Code

From the Cost Distribution section of a HR form, pay change, or cost (re-)redistribution:

  1. Enter the appropriate fund (account) and hit the Enter key
  2. Scroll to the Cost Center column. Using the lookup (KFS Sub-object Search Help), enter the Chart (e.g. “MS”) and Account (e.g. “GA123456”) then click Find (binocular button)
  3. The Sub-Object Codes will load, select the proper one determined by looking them up in the Financial System (step #4 above)
  4. Pressing the Enter key will check to make sure the values are correct before submitting the change