Personal Values List

Personal Value Lists (aka “Favorites Lists”) are lists of commonly used values that are unique to you.  You can create Personal Values Lists in the HR/Payroll system in most places where a matchcode  button is available.  Fields where you might commonly use Personal Value Lists include: 

  • Organizational Unit
  • Supervisor Position
  • Accounting Line fields used in cost distributions

The process differs depending on whether you are working with a form or another type of HR/Payroll screen.

Personal Value Lists with Forms

When you create a Personal Value List used with a form, the result is a menu for that field.  The image below shows a Personal Value List that has been created for the Organization Unit field.  With a Personal Value list, you can choose from this personal menu rather than searching for the value every time.

personal value list

To create a Personal Value List from a Form

  1. Click matchcode matchcode button.
  2. Click the Personal Value List link in the window.
  3. Click Edit Personal Value List link in the window.
  4. Click the Show Search Criteria link to set search criteria.
  5. Enter search criteria as usual and click the Start Search
  6. Select the item you wish to add to the personal value list, then click the right arrow arrow buttons to add the item to the list.  Repeat for each additional item.
  7. Click OK, then OK  

Now whenever you click that matchcode matchcode  button, your Personal Value List items appear in a menu below the field, along with links for viewing All Values and to Maintain Personal Value List.  Click one of your Personal Value list items to populate the field with the item.  To search for additional items, click the All Values link to open the search window. 

Personal Value Lists with other HR/Payroll System Windows

When you create a Personal Value List for other HR/Payroll System search windows, such as those associated with pay changes, cost redistributions and time entry (also known as SAP GUI windows), the result is a search window that shows only your Personal Value List. 

To create a Personal Value List in other HR/Payroll System windows

  1. Click the matchcode matchcode button.
  2. Locate and select the value you wish to add.
  3. Click the Insert in Personal List  insert in personal list button. Repeat for each additional item.

Now whenever you click on the matchcode matchcode  button, only your Personal Value List items appear in the list.  To search for other values, click the bar at the top of the window.  The search fields appear above the line.