Explore Your Learning Needs

The person with the most responsibility for your learning is you. Although there are general training policies and procedures, you possess unique insights to your own success. Seize this opportunity to shape your career! Help assure your perspective is fully considered through adequate preparation.

Questions to Explore Your Learning Needs:
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • How do you plan to address your weaknesses?
  • What changes are happening to your area of professional expertise?
  • How do you propose to keep up to date and maintain your professional standards?
  • What training have you had during the past year?
  • Would you benefit from taking a professional development course?
  • Have you used the free online training resources through elevateU?
  • How does your training link to organizational aims and objectives?
  • Are your skills being used effectively in the organization?
  • Do you discuss your training needs with your supervisor?
  • Do you have a career development plan?
  • Do you have a personal development plan?
  • Do you have the transferable knowledge and skills to enable you to find another job if your current one ends, or you choose to change employer?