Prepare for your annual Performance review

The Annual Performance Review is a two-way discussion with your supervisor that occurs at the end of the Performance Excellence cycle. The Annual Review provides an opportunity to discuss the following:

  • Accomplishments
  • Goals achieved
  • Development opportunities completed
  • Areas in need of additional improvement
Tips to help you Prepare:
  1. Review your goals and development plan. Be prepared to discuss what you accomplished, where you ran into difficulty and what you learned from the experiences.
  2. Complete the  Self-Review Worksheet (PDF)  and provide a copy to your supervisor prior to your Annual Review.
  3. Think about suggestions to improve the effectiveness of your unit. Are there processes that could be improved? Remember to keep a positive, proactive focus.
  4. Think about your role. Are there changes needed? Are there issues that your supervisor needs to be aware of?
  5. Consider feedback you may have for your supervisor. How have they been helpful? How can you work together more effectively?

Giving thought to these ideas ahead of time, and jotting down notes to take with you to the meeting can help assure you cover important information in a professional manner.

After the Annual Review a new Performance Excellence cycle begins. Your supervisor must conduct your Performance Planning meeting within 30 days of your Annual Review.