Performance Excellence Process Graphic

The Performance Excellence process was designed to be a collaborative effort between supervisors and employees to increase communication and development throughout the year. As an employee, use these steps to help you understand what to do during each stage of the process.

Step One:  Performance Planning

At the beginning of every cycle, and within 30 days of your Annual Review (Step 3), you will meet with your supervisor to discuss and finalize your goals and development plan for the coming year. To prepare for the discussion, think about goals or skills to help:

  • Address unit needs for the coming year (preferably tied to departmental strategic goals and university initiatives).
  • Develop your career interests.
Tips, Tools and Forms

Step Two:  Continuous Feedback, Coaching and Development

Throughout the performance year, there should be ongoing conversations between you and your supervisor regarding how expectations are being met, which includes:

  • Recognition for areas in which you are performing well.
  • Coaching around areas that need additional improvement or when learning a new skill.
  • Check-ins regarding progress on goals and the development plan.
  • Questions you may have regarding your progress.
  • Idea sharing regarding changing needs with the unit or your career interests.
Tips, Tools and Forms
New Employees

Your supervisor will schedule an interim or probationary review with you at around six months. It is important that you ask your supervisor for feedback and clarify any questions you have about your position to help assure you are on track.

Step Three:  Annual Performance Review

This is the formal assessment of your performance over the past year. This meeting is a two-way discussion which provides an opportunity to review:

  • Accomplishments
  • Goals achieved
  • Development opportunities completed
  • Areas in need of additional improvement
Tips, Tools and Forms

Your supervisor will complete the Annual Review form, including your overall performance level for the year. There are four performance levels: Does not Meet Expectations, Developing, Meets Expectations and Exceeds Expectations. Both you and your supervisor must complete and sign the form by or before the due date and send it to MSU HR.

Once the review is completed a new cycle begins.  A Performance Planning meeting for the coming year needs to occur within 30 days of the Annual Performance Review due date. Planning meetings that occur outside of this time frame will appear as completed late in any related reporting.