Pay Policies & Practices

Human Resources administers the pay programs for University support staff. This page contains information on support staff pay ranges, annual pay increases, and other options for initiating special payments.

Units may establish formal recognition programs to honor extraordinary achievements by individuals or teams in all support staff employee groups. Unit recognition programs are to have defined criteria for the type of achievement (i.e. quality or productivity improvements or exceptional financial results), award type and amount, eligibility requirements and recipient selection process. The MAU head should approve them. As this type of recognition program should reward superior performance and/or exceptional achievement, the frequency and number of awards given per year should be limited. Cash recognition awards should not exceed 5% of the employee's salary. All cash awards, including gift certificates or other cash equivalents are subject to income tax. To implement a cash payment of a unit recognition award, the unit administrator should submit a summary of the approved recognition program, an explanation of the employee's achievements, and a Special Payment Authorization form to MSU HR. See the Unit Recognition Program Policy and Procedure for specific information.

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