Support Staff Policies & Procedures

Support Staff Longevity Policy & Procedure


Applies to: Regular APA and APSA, off-campus APs, nurses, POAM, resident advisors, Local 1585 hired prior to 8/19/96, Local SSTU hired on or before 7/22/96, off-campus 1585 type and off-campus SSTU type employees hired before 9/1/97 and Local 274 staff working half-time or more. This policy does not apply to employees whose position is both non-union and confidential.  

A longevity pay plan to recognize long-term employment is provided after 6 years of continuous service with the University.



Retirement provision: Full-time employees who terminate prior to October 1 who are 65 years of age and meet the requirements for sick leave payoff, or who meet the minimum University retirement requirements, will receive a prorated longevity payment. 

Termination provision: Employees who terminate and otherwise meet the eligibility requirements will receive a prorated payment at the time of termination.

Layoff provision: Employees who are not on the active payroll due to layoff, but who otherwise meet the eligibility criteria, will receive a longevity payment.

Payment plan:

Payment schedule:
Years of Continuous Service Annual Longevity Pay Percent 
of First $9,500 of Annual Wage
6 through 9 years 2%
10 through 13 years 3%

14 through 17 years

18 through 21 years 5%
22 through 25 years 6%
26 or more years 8%

Three-quarter-time employees: percent (%) of first $7,125 of annual wage

Half-time employees: percent (%) of first $4,750 of annual wage


Eligibility determination: 
MSU Human Resources Systems Development and Support:

Payroll Office: Prepares longevity checks and distributes to employee's department on first working day in December.

Refer questions to: MSU Human Resources at or 517-353-4434.

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