Support Staff Policies & Procedures

Special Increases for Support Staff Policy and Procedure

Last updated July 30, 2018

Effective Date:

October 1, 2014 

Applies to:

Support Staff employees (specifically CTU, APSA, APA and non-union employee groups)


To recognize outstanding performance or market conditions outside of the general wage increase process.

Policy Details:

The policy provides information on when/how employees can receive a lump sum or increase to their base salary for outstanding performance or due to market conditions. Outstanding performance is determined by the employee's supervisor.
These special increases may be in the form of lump sum payments or may be added to an employee's base salary. Because these special increases should recognize highly exceptional performance, the number of increases awarded should be relatively small and should not occur more than one time per year for an individual employee unless authorized by the dean, director, vice president, or designee required as described in the following procedure.
An increase to base salary or a lump sum due to market conditions may be defined as an external market or internal equity within MSU.


Base pay increases:  Unit administrators must submit a change in the EBS portal. Supporting documentation explaining the outstanding performance or market concern must be attached. - Supporting Documentation Form

Lump sum payments:  Unit Administrators must submit a Special Payment Authorization form.

*The Supporting Documentation for Support Staff Employees form explaining the outstanding performance or market concern must be attached and signed by the dean, director, vice president, or designee required. (See the full MAU Authorized Signature List.)

Each Major Administrative Unit (MAU) is responsible for reviewing and overseeing salary recommendation and increases for support staff in the units that report to them.  An authorized signature or cc is required for the following documents:




Without written justification, the request will be denied.

For additional information please contact Human Resources at

517-353-4434 or via email to


Revision history:

8/1/2014 - Removed reference to substantiation only required for requests over 5%.

9/24/2014 - Replaces Support Staff Policy & Procedure for Special Merit Increases - Lump Sum & Base

5/19/2016 - Removed reference to Pay Rate Change function.

12/09/2016 - Added reference to the authorized signature list.

5/3/2017 - Added link to authorized signature list for letters of justification only.

7/30/2018 - Revised language regarding authorization under Policy Details.