Support Staff Policies & Procedures

Support Staff Policy & Procedure for Unit Recognition Programs


High levels of staff performance are critically important to the success of the University and can be enhanced when staff feel a sense of achievement and that their contributions are rewarded and recognized. Informally recognizing employees for their contributions, such as saying "thank you," should be part of on-going dialogue between every supervisor and employee. 
To complement informal recognition, units may also establish formal recognition programs to honor extraordinary achievements by individuals or teams in all support staff employee groups. Unit recognition programs are to have defined criteria for:

Because the recognition programs should acknowledge superior performance and/or exceptional achievement, the frequency and number of unit recognition awards given per year should be limited.

All cash awards, including gift certificates or any other cash equivalents, are taxable income and are subject to withholding tax and FICA. Awards are funded at the unit level. Non-cash awards, e.g., plaques, certificates, tickets, meals and small gifts, are not to exceed $75 in value per recipient per calendar year. Refer to the Manual of Business Procedures, Section 44: Issuing Gifts, Gift Cards, and Prizes for more information.


Department: Major Administrative Unit administrators must approve recognition and award programs. For cash awards, the unit administrator submits a summary of the approved recognition program, an explanation of the employee's achievements and a Special Payment Authorization form to MSU Human Resources. 

MSU Human Resources Talent Management: Reviews and approves recognition awards. MSU Human Resources Talent Management may be contacted to offer assistance in designing recognition programs.

Refer questions to: MSU Human Resources (telephone 517-353-4434, e-mail)

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