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enhanced rpt system

Human Resources is pleased to introduce a new enhanced Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure (RPT) system. The new system was made available to system users who submit RPT outcomes to Human Resources (e.g. college RPT administrators) on November 11, 2022, which is also when the Office of the Provost distributes RPT materials. This new system replaced the previous RPT Webapp2. 

The RPT system disseminates annual reappointment, promotion, and tenure lists for tenure system faculty within their college. Reappointment, promotion, and tenure recommendations, annual review dates, and reasons for non-promotion for affirmative action reporting are submitted by the college on an annual basis through the RPT system. The previous web application reached its end of life and this new system will enhance the user experience and provide greater efficiency.


Training Slides - Review the slide deck from the training sessions offered in October. 

Step by Step Guide - A step by step guide to the new enhanced RPT Application System.

Chart - Changes in Terminology - Review updated terminology for the new enhanced RPT application system.

RPT Form - Help Guide for RPT form processing

Mass Processing - Help Guide for Mass form processing

Annual Review - Help Guide for Annual Review processing

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions regarding the new enhanced RPT system. 

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A generic eARM form will need to be submitted through MSU IT . Additionally, these links show the different roles that are available and how to request access to the RPT Application System: Who Gets What: Reappointment, Promotion & Tenure and Who Gets What: Requesting Access to Tiles.

As of November 1, 2022, any individuals with current access in the RPT Webapp had eARM forms automatically generated. For further changes and/or updates to this access, an eARM form will need to be submitted by the RPT contact through MSU IT .

For those Colleges who do not have units, the College will have the ability to enter recommendations that will mimic the unit level.

If there is an error message received when trying to access the reports in the current web browser, we recommend opening EBS in an “InPrivate window” and then select the appropriate tile of the report to be ran. This should open in COGNOS.

No. The Form on Progress and Excellence and any applicable reports will still need to be sent separately to MSU HR RPT ( ) as directed in the November Provost Memo on Tenure System Reappointments and Promotions.

No. The primary unit will complete the annual review information for the faculty member. The additional reviewer will just be listed on the form.

No. All tenure system faculty members must be reviewed annually and documented in the Annual Review tile in the enhanced RPT application (this excludes executive management and managers).

If the data is incorrect, please contact the Academic Operations RPT team ( ) to have it returned to the organizational unit for correction.

The reviews can be submitted either individually or in mass by selecting the checkbox next to each faculty member. For Mass submission, all items entered need to be the same information for all faculty members selected in the actions required section.

As of November 11, 2022, wording has been updated to accommodate the enhanced RPT application. Please see the equivalent language in the wording chart here .

The RPT forms will be able to be visible in the HR Payroll inbox tile, as well as the RPT Inbox tile. To only view RPT forms, please use the RPT inbox tile and/or the RPT Mass Form Processing tile. Those forms are populating based on their current status. but should not be acted upon, until the decisions are made of what action to take from the organizational unit.

Please contact Academic Operations at with questions.