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RPT Mass Form Processing


This tile allows for mass processing of RPT Forms.  If users prefer to enter recommendations and reasons for multiple faculty members at once they may do so through the Mass Processing tile, rather than processing individual forms via the RPT Inbox.

The Mass Processing tile provides a worklist of all items present in the RPT Inbox. If a form is found in a user’s RPT Inbox, it will also be available in the Mass Processing tile. Once recommendations are entered and submitted via the Mass Processing tile, the form will move on to the next level of approval and will disappear from the user’s Mass Processing worklist and the RPT inbox. Recommendations are entered first at the organizational unit level.  Workflow will move the forms from Organizational unit approval to College level approval and then onto Central HR approval.  

To begin, from Reappointment, Promotion & Tenure:

  1. Select RPT Mass Form Processing.
  2. Employees available for the current cycle year will be grouped in tabs according to their ranks.    
  3. List of available employees can be filtered and searched on as needed by College, Organizational Unit, Personnel Number and Approval Level.

Mass Processing Steps

  1. Select the applicable rank (tab) to be processed.  Note: Recommendations can only be processed on a single tab at one time. 
  2. Select the employees you want to process by clicking the check boxes on the left or select them all by clicking the check box in the header.
  3. Select the Enter Recommendations button in the bottom right corner.
  4. Select either Yes or No from the dropdown menu for Has Mentor.
  5. Enter the Recommendation from the dropdown menu.
  6. Enter the Reason from the dropdown menu for the recommendations that require it.
  7. Click on the Save button to save the recommendation.
  8. Pop-up message will confirm if the records were updated successfully or if there were errors.  Message can be closed.
  9. Recommendations are now ready to be sent on with workflow to the next approval level. Select the records and click on the Send button in the bottom right corner to submit to the next approval level
  10. Pop-up message will confirm if the records were sent successfully or if there were errors.  Message can be closed.
  11. Processed records will disappear from the list if Send was successful.  


  • To send a form back to the previous recommendation/approval level, select the Back to Author button in the bottom right corner.
  • Employees can’t be processed in mass across different ranks/tabs.  Each rank has its own recommendations and reasons and should be processed individually.  

Authorization & Access

To complete the recommendation process and view the correct list of employees, users must have the applicable security role in place: 

  • Department role:  ZDHR_RPT_DEPT_XXXXXXXX
  • College role:  ZDHR_RPT_MAU_XXXXXXXX

Employees will be routed to the correct department based on their tenure granting department.

If you do not see the expected list of employees in the annual review tile, please request access through an eARM.