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Together, we can ensure that every new member of our team feels inspired, empowered, and ready to contribute to our shared mission of making a positive impact on the world. Thank you for your committment to making MSU an employer of choice and for your role in shaping the future of our university. 

Onboarding Resources

A complete and customizable onboarding checklist can be found here. Onboarding is an ongoing process, often taking employees through their first year. Below are some milestones from the checklist that you can found throughout their first year:

To provide a safe environment to all members of the MSU community, the university requires criminal background checks as a condition of employment. Once you accept your employment offer, expect to receive an email to initiate the background check process. To avoid a delay in the hiring process, it is important to complete upon receipt of the HireRight applicant invite link.

Some MSU positions require incoming employees to pass a drug screening test prior to the first day of work. If your job posting/description indicates such a requirement, contact your supervisor on where and how to have the test administered. 

Action items for you to consider before your new employee starts are covered in the above checklist on pages 2-3.

  • Send them a welcome letter or email.
  • Create an agenda for their first week.
  • Send a welcome announcement to your team/unit.
  • Confirm that they are registered for New Hire Orientation.
  • Confirm workspace setup, equipment, and access to necessary software programs, buildings, etc. 
  • Arrange for a buddy or mentor.

Action items to complete with your new employee on their first day can be found in the above checklist on pages 4-7. 

  • Welcome your new employee to the office and introduce them to the team and give them a tour.
  • If they are working remotely, consider an introductory one on one with you and another with your team. 
  • Complete section 2 of the I-9 verification process
  • Complete necessary IT and building access 
  • Review the EBS portal with them
  • Review other important information for your new employee (suggestions are on the checklist) 

As a supervisor, your role is pivotal in supporting new employee onboarding for the next two months and through their first year. It is your responsibility to align your new team member with the mission of the university and your individual unit. Every employee should know how job connects with the strategic plan, mission and vision. 

Use the above gide to establish a strong foundation for your employee's success in their first two months. Action items to complete with your new employee during their first month can be found in the above checklist on pages 8-13.

​​​​​​​It's important to help your new employee connect to the university's mission of advancing knowledge and transforming lives. The mid-year is critical to new employees and your role as a supervisor is just as important as their first month. During this time, ensure your new employee has what they need. Be proactive and reach out. Often a new employee will not want to "rock the boat." Review and refresh topics covered earlier in their onboarding. 

Action items to complete with your new employee during their third through sixth months can be found in the above checklist on page 14. 

Supervisors should close out any outstanding onboarding tasks while maintaining regular contact with your new employee. Continue to reach out periodically to ask about your employee's questions or needs, especially since new employees might be nervous to reach out on their own. A year of learning for a new employee is a huge undertaking, so they will appreciate you being available to them. 

Action items to complete with your new employee between months 6-12 can be found in the above checklist on page 15.