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Support Staff Criminal Background Checks

Last revised September 23, 2013

The following policy was created on October 1, 2012. 


Applies to: Regular, Temporary, and On-Call Support Staff Applicants and Employees

Michigan State University is committed to providing a safe environment for its students, faculty, and staff in support of its educational mission. This Policy is intended to help the University achieve that goal by mandating the use of criminal background checks in the hiring process for regular, temporary and on-call support staff employees and by establishing procedures for conducting those background checks.

A criminal background check is required for all new regular staff, and new or rehired temporary and on-call support staff. [1] The criminal background check will include the following: [2]



MSU Human Resources:

[1] The University will rely on the background check conducted by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in lieu of a University background check for individuals coming to the University directly from residence outside the United States.

[2 ] Nothing in this Policy negates the possibility that a more comprehensive criminal background check may be required pursuant to state or federal law or for certain sensitive positions (such as those with significant financial responsibilities) or that a criminal background check may be required for existing support staff who: (1) are legally required to have a background check, (2) are required to have a criminal background check pursuant to the Conducting Youth Programs on Campus: Minimum Operational Requirements, (3) work in facilities that require a criminal background check, or (4) are assigned new duties that involve significant safety or security considerations or financial responsibilities.

[3 ]Costs associated with the criminal background check process will be covered centrally.

Last updated: 9/23/2013 Updated footnote 2

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