support staff change of status


  1. Enter the Effective Date and Employee Number (PERNR or PERSID). Click the Search Assignment button.
  2. Select the assignment from the list.
  3. Check boxes for all Change of Status action(s). Click Continue.
  4. Select Continue to Form.
  5. Fields within the form will pre-populate with information based on the action(s) selected.
  6. Select/enter the appropriate change(s).  Fields related to the action(s) selected will be editable.
  7. To Add Attachments, choose the attachment type from the dropdown, and then click the + symbol to upload your document.
  8. Information that requires review by form initiator are listed in this section with a checkbox next to each item that requires acknowledgement.  Review and verify this information in order to proceed with the form.
  9. Select the Send button to start the form through workflow. 


  • Reasons for using the Change of Status form are employee based, for example the employee is being extended (end-dated position) or the employee percent is changing.
  • Multiple changes can be processed on one form if the changes begin on the same date. Remember to attach proper documentation to support all changes.
  • A PDF of the Change of Status form can be viewed and/or  downloaded by clicking the Download PDF button in the upper right-hand corner.
  • If Change Employment Percent is selected, the form presents a checkbox to create a Work Schedule Request Draft upon MSU HR final approval.  The draft is available from the HR/Payroll Inbox by the initiator of the form, HR Unit Time Administrator for organizational unit, and Supervisor of selected assignment. Any one of the three may complete the form.
  • If Employment Percentage is changing and is voluntary change requested by the employee, attach a letter or memo signed by the employee showing they requested the change.
  • If the change is to extend or remove an End Date for an off-dated employee, attach a letter or memo notifying the employee that they are being extended, what their new off-date or project tech end date is, and a signature line for the employee signature showing they concur with the new end date. An email containing the above information is also acceptable.