support staff change of status

The Change of Status for Support Staff employees is used to:

  • Change/Remove End Date
  • Change Employment Percentage
  • Change in Primary Organization
  • Change/Remove Flex Appointment
  • Change Union Status

Selecting the Employee and the Effective Date

  1. From Actions, select HR/Payroll Forms & Cost Distributions > Change an Existing Appointment/Assignment and select Support Staff from employee will be.
  2. Select Start Employee Process.
  3. Enter Effective Date (Date the change of status is effective) in MM/DD/YYYY format.
  4. Enter the Employee Number or use search for an employee.
  5. Select Continue.
  6. Select Continue to form.
  7. The form opens with information pre-populated with personal organizational information, contact information, planned working time, and pay and cost distributions.

NOTE: When changing an employee's end date, the effective date must be equal to or prior to the current primary assignment end date.  If not, a hard stop will appear.

To search for an employee

  1. Enter the Employee Number (PERSID/PERNR) for the employee or select the double squared box to search for the employee by one or more of the following:
    • Person ID
    • Personnel Number
    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • Middle Name
    • SSN
    • Organizational Unit ID
    • Organization (name) Description
    • ZPID
  2. Select Go. The system searches for information about that person.
  3. From list of matches, select the button to the left of an assignment to select it.

Select Desired Action(s)

Once assignment has been selected, check the boxes of the desired change(s). More than one desired action maybe selected.  The checkboxes selected control which parts of the change of status form are editable, and which business rules apply.  If you select an item to change, you must change that information on the form.

Some selections provide additional selection options:

  • Change End Date
  • Request Removal of End Date
  • Change Employment %
  • Change Organizational Unit
    • When selected, if applicable, select reason for Change will display and may be left blank (if not relevant for the selected assignment)
      • Re-Organization
      • Special Agreement
  • Change Flex Appointment
  • Change Union to Non-Union
  • Change Non-Union to Union

Selecting an item to change requires the information to be changed on the form.

NOTE: Applicable changes display based on the assignment selected and employee type.  In other words, changes not valid for the selected assignment are not listed.

Personal Data

Personal details include Title, First Name, Preferred Name, Middle Name, Last Name and Suffix and are pre-populated into the form.

Organizational Data

Information from the position and the current appointment is pre-populated here.  Enter any change to Primary Assignment End Date, Organizational Unit, Supervisor position.

NOTE:  Many fields are interdependent.  It is best practice to select Enter after updating fields to ensure related fields are properly updated.

Change End Date

Action selection of Change end Date allows this field to be editable.  Enter date as format MM/DD/YYYY to change primary assignment end date.

Request Removal of End Date

To remove primary assignment end date, select Change End Date, Request Removal of End Date.  The Primary Assignment End Date will clear end date and the field is not editable.  An End Date Letter is required to be attached to the form prior to submission for approvals.

Change Organizational Unit

Action selection of Change Organizational Unit allows this field to be editable in the form.  If the Change of Status request is due to Re-Organization or Special Agreement select the appropriate reason from If applicable, select reason for Change dropdown, else leave blank.

NOTE: Selection of Special Agreement requires Special Agreement prior to the submission for approvals.

Relative in the department

Selection of Re-Organization displays Does the employee have relative a the department? and is required to be answered Yes or No.

If Yes, enter Relative's Name and answer Will they be supervising the employee?  The Conflict-of-Interest form must be faxed to the number indicated on the form.


Supervisor position, if it exists, will pre-populate into the form and is editable.  A Supervisor is required for all positions. Enter Supervisor position number or select the double square box to search for the supervisor by:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Position Number
  • Organization Unit ID
  • Position Name

Change Union Status

Union status changes are available for specific employee types.  Employee Group will display the newly selected change and is tno editable.

Position Attributes

Change Flex Appointment

Flex type pre-populates the form and is editable.

From Position Attributes section within the form, select Flex Type and enter the Description of flex period. Flex types are available for specific employee types.  See Support Staff Appointment Policy & Procedure.

Remove Flex Type

To remove flex type, select Remove Flex Type checkbox.  Selection will remove flex type and all flex fields are not editable.  Consent removal of flex is a required attachment.

Contact Information

Personal contact information is required for all employees, and if it exists, will pre-populate into the form and is editable.

Administrative Address

Administrative Address is the most direct MSU mailing address for the employee.  

Actual Work Location Address

Actual (physical) work location if it differs from the administrative address.  Work location is not required.

NOTE: If selected assignment has a RWA (Remote Work Agreement) Actual Work Location will not display.

Planned Working Time

Change Employment %

For selected assignment, enter the Employment percent  in the box provided, up to two decimal places.  Consent from employee % change is a required attachment.

Request a change in work schedule

The work schedule pre-populates with work schedule on employees record.  If Change Employment % is selected, the form presents a checkbox to create a Work Schedule Change Request Draft upon MSU HR final approval and if selected, the draft is available from the HR/Payroll inbox by the initiator of the form, HR Unit Time Administrator for organizational unit, and Supervisor of selected assignment.  Any one of the three may complete the draft and submit the form.

Pay and Cost Distribution

Annual Salary displays.  If employment % change, annual salary calculates based on the entered percentage and is not editable.

Permissible Funds pre-populates and requires review.  When complete, requires selection of Compute Cost Distribution button.

To edit/delete funding lines

Select pencil to edit funding line 


Select X (in a circle) to delete funding line

To add funding lines

  1. Select the + sign to the left of teh Cost Distributon button
  2. Permissible Funds window pops up
    • Enter or select Start Date
    • Enter or select End Date
    • Enter or search for Fund (Chart/Account)
    • Enter or search for WBS Element (Sub-Account) or enter/select NO_SUB-ACCOUNT
    • If applicable, enter or search for Cost Center (Sub-Object)
    • If applicable, enter or search for Order (Project Code)
    • Enter or search for Functional Area (Org. Ref ID) or select/enter 99999999
    • Select OK button
  3. Add as many as funding lines as necessary, when done, select Compute Cost Distribution button

To validate cost distribution

Select Compute Cost Distribution button.  The system creates the correct funding lines for each funding period. If only a single fund and period is selected, it populates the Amount and Percentage. 

Do any combination of the following to edit each line until full funding for each period:

Enter an Amount

Select Edit Amount button, if necessary, and enter Amount for each funding line. Then select Validate Cost Distribution button.

Enter a Percentage

Select Edit Percent button, if necessary, and enter Percent for each funding line. Then select Validate Cost Distribution button.

Green or red indicators appear in the Status column indicating whether or not the person is fully funded for that period.  Adding accounts or editing amount/percents after computing cost distribution, select Change/Edit Cost Distribution button.

Data Changes Table

To easily identify changes, a Data Changes table appears at the bottom of the form.

The Data Changes table shows any changes that will be made to the employee's record as a result of submitting the form.  The table changes as the form is filled out.  Refresh the table manually at any time by selecting the Refresh button.

Ad Hoc Approvers

The form can be submitted to ad hoc approvers (2 maximum).  If more than 2 ad hoc approvers are entered an error appears upon submission of the form.  Ad hoc approvers must have the necessary security roles for forms to route.  See Adding Ad Hoc Approvers.

To enter Ad Hoc Approver

Click the + sign and enter MSU NetID or select the double squared box to search for the ad hoc approver.

Acknowledgement Section

Information that requires review by form initiator are listed in this section with a checkbox next to each item that requires acknowledgement.  Review and verify this information in order to proceed with the form.

Download a PDF

Upper right corner of form, select Download a PDF button. The PDF version of the form opens in a new window and can be saved or printed.

As the form routes for approvals, approvers are able to view the form as a PDF by selecting Download a PDF button.

Attachments and Notes

General attachments may be added to provide additional supportive documentation. Based on the information provided in the form, required attachments are identified and attachment types  can be found with General Attachments.   Select Required attachment type, and attach document before submitting the form.

To upload an attachment(s)

  1. Select attachment type from Attachment type drop-down list.
  2. Select the + sign to locate and select the attachment from computer, and open to attach file.

NOTE: Attachment filenames should not contain special characters (*, &, ^,%, etc.).

To delete an attachment(s)

From the attachment(s) listed select the x with circle to the delete the attached document.

Enter Note

Enter any notes/comments in the Notes field and select the > (right arrow) to submit.

Delete Note

To delete a comment that has been submitted, select Delete above the comment.

Edit Note

To edit comment that has been submitted, select Edit above the comment.  Edit comments in the field, click on the > (right arrow) to re-submit.

Saving the Form

Select Save Draft at any time to save a draft of the form to the HR Payroll Inbox.

Submitting the Form

Select the Send button to route the completed form for approval.  A confirmation message displays a process reference number that can be used to track the form.  The form enters workflow and follows the standard support staff workflow.  The form routes for all unit approvals then routes to MSU Human Resources.

When a contract and grant account is used for funding and the form is initiated more than 60 days retroactive, the form routes to CGA (Contracts and Grants Administration) for approval.