support staff change of status


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  • Enter the employee name or personnel number (PERNR). Click the Start button.
  • Select the person from the list. Click the Select Process button.
  • Select the Support Staff Change of Status process. Select the Fill Out Form button to open the form.
  • Select/enter the appropriate change(s). Utilize the Magnifying glass button to search and enter data where applicable.
  • Click Add Attachments button at the top of the window, then select General Attachments to attach documents.
  • Click the Check and Send button to check for errors, then click the Send button to start the form through workflow. 


  • Reasons for using the Change of Status form are employee based, for example the employee is being extended (end-dated position) or the employee percent is changing.
  • Multiple changes can be processed on one form if the changes begin on the same date. Remember to attach proper documentation to support all changes.
  • If a change is temporary (that is, if the changes have an end date), note that in the Comments section and note that a second form will follow all end-dated information. After the original has been implemented in the HR/Payroll System, submit another Change of Status form.
  • If the employment percent is decreasing and is a voluntary change requested by the employee, attach a letter or memo signed by the employee showing they requested the change.
  • If the change is to extend an end date for an off-dated employee, attach a letter or memo notifying the employee that they are being extended, what their new off-date or project tech end date is, and a signature line for the employee signature showing they concur with the new end date. An email containing the above information is also acceptable.