Retirement Form

For more information about retiring visit Preparing to Retire from MSU
For details on retiree benefits and a retirement checklist visit Benefits and Helpful Information

If you will be submitting your retirement form by using the Leave to Retirement option, the tenured system Faculty Consultantship, or other special signed agreements, please review Special Retirement Situations for a special retirement form and detailed instructions.  

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The following information is provided as a guide to completing the Retirement Form in the EBS Portal. We suggest the form be submitted at least 90 days prior to the official retirement date.

1. Required Sections on the Form

  • Last Day I Will Work (Support Staff only) - This is the last day you will perform duties and work in your position (this does NOT include your personal or vacation time off). Please use the calendar date picker to select the date or enter the date in mm/dd/yyyy format. You may submit your form up to 120 days before your last day worked.  
  • How will you manage your unused accrued paid time? (Support Staff only) - Choose one by clicking on the desired option in the drop down list:
    • Pay me all after my retirement date (also use this option if you wish to defer to your retirement accounts)
    • Use all before my retirement date (choose this option if you want to use all your vacation and personal time after your last day worked)
    • Combination of options listed above (please review the Optional Sections notes below)

Note: Any accrued time used prior to your retirement effective date must be reported by your department in the EBS Time Management section. Eligible accrued time not taken will be paid in a lump sum payment (Personal Observance Time is not eligible).

  • Date of Retirement (Faculty, Academic Staff & Executive Management only) - This is the first unpaid, non-working day.  Forms may be submitted up to 365 days in advance of the retirement date. However, forms submitted more than 120 days in advance of the retirement date will only generate a notice to the employee’s supervisor that the form has been submitted. Additional processing (including the approval process) will begin about 120 days before the retirement date.
  • Benefit Contribution Designation (limited Faculty, Academic Staff and Executive Management only) - refer to Retiree Benefits Policy & Procedure regarding this irrevocable decision.  To make your selection choose one by clicking on the desired option in the dropdown list:
    • 100% of my cost
    • 50% my cost and 50% my Spouse/OEI
  • Emeritum Status (for Faculty, Academic Staff, and Administrators only) -
    • Choose "Yes" in the dropdown menu only if you have completed the Emeritum Request Form AND received written approval from the Office for the Vice Provost and Associate Vice President for Faculty and Academic Affairs (FASA).  You MUST attach the written approval document to submit the Retirement Form if you choose "Yes".
    • Choose "No" in the dropdown menu if you have not yet received the written approval or have not yet submitted a request.  Review the Emeritum policy in the Faculty Handbook link, and check the box. 
  • Acknowledgment - Check this box. You are acknowledging that you understand you have 7 days to revoke (cancel) your retirement request.

2. Optional Sections on the Form

  • Notes: This area is for employees to note additional information regarding retirement. (Support Staff: If you choose the combination option for your unused accrued paid time, you can include the type of accrued paid time and number of hours you would like to use prior to your retirement date.  Also, please note here if you would like to defer your quotas into a 403(b) Supplemental or 457(b) Deferred Compensation retirement account, and the appropriate form can be sent to you to complete.)

3. Printing Your Form - You may download your form in PDF format.  Click on the Download PDF button in the upper right of your screen.  If you wish you can print your form before submitting.

4. Submit Your Form - Click Send to submit the form.

Saving the Form

If you need to leave the form and return to complete it you may save a draft of your form at any time by clicking the Save Draft button.  When you save a draft of a form it appears on the My Approvals & Workflow menu, in the HR-Payroll Inbox.

  1. To open a draft, click the desired draft, then click Open Task from the lower right corner.  The form opens in a new window.  Make any changes or additions to the form.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Submit the form by clicking Check to check for errors, then click Send to submit the form and start workflow.
    • If you are not ready to submit the form, click the Save Draft button to save a draft back into the HR-Payroll Inbox. 
    • To delete the forms draft, click the Delete Draft button. This removes the draft from the HR-Payroll Inbox. When deleting a draft, the delete function is final. You receive a system message that the draft was deleted. You cannot access the draft after clicking the Delete Draft button.
    • After completion close the tab/window.