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Remote Work Agreement

Please use the Quicklinks on this page to learn more about Remote Work Agreements.

Important Note: This page provides instructions for completing the Remote Work Agreement in EBS. For details on the RWA process before beginning the form in EBS, click here .

Supervisor Steps to Complete the Form

The form will be in your HR/Payroll Inbox.

    1. If applicable, add any relevant information about costs associated with the employee working from home.
    2. If the employee is will be working outside Michigan, and has not already added an "Outside Michigan Memo" from a Dean, Vice-President or MAU-authorized signatory approving work outside Michigan, add it.
      1. Select "Outside Michigan Memo" from the "Attachments" dropdown
      2. Do not choose "General Attachments"
      3. If the employee added the memo as a "General Attachment" you will be prompted to add the memo again. Or, on the form you can "Return to Author" and ask that the employee add the attachment as the proper type.
    3. Then select the "send" button. You may also save a draft and return to work on the form later; you will find it in your HR/Payroll Inbox.
      If you do not approve of the request, use the "Back to Author" button. You can record comments before returning the form to the employee.