Remote work: guidance for employees and supervisors

All our work is guided by Michigan State University's mission, vision, and principles. As a public, research-intensive, land-grant university funded in part by the State of Michigan, our mission is to advance knowledge and transform lives by providing outstanding education, conducting research, and advancing outreach and engagement. MSU must always be appropriately staffed on campus to effectively pursue our educational mission.

Building a culture that enhances productivity, service support and innovation takes work. Moving toward a modern and efficient institution while maintaining our time-honored traditions is not easy—change never is. We encourage leaders to be compassionate, flexible, and responsive to individual requests. 

  • Remote work is defined by one or more days, regularly scheduled, where work takes place away from MSU property. 
  • Recruiting and retaining employees today is greatly impacted by remote work opportunities. 
  • Units have found that they may have faster responses, extended service hours, enhanced learning, and support because of remote opportunities. 

Important Documents

Remote Work Policy

Remote Work Outside Michigan Policy

Important Resources

Remote Work Approvals

Understanding the Remote Work Agreement

Remote Work Agreement: Terms and Conditions

Remote Work Agreement (EBS)

Supervisors: Discussion Guides for Taking a Deeper Dive 

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