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Remote Work Agreement

Please use the Quicklinks on this page to learn more about Remote Work Agreements.

Important Note: This page provides instructions for completing the Remote Work Agreement in EBS. For details on the RWA process before beginning the form in EBS, click here .

Before you begin

Your department may request specific information when you submit your agreement. Before starting this form, check to see if you need to provide details of any of the following:

  • Length of the agreement (if not one year), or a specific end date
  • What, if any, details should be entered about equipment you have been issued
  • Who, other than your supervisor, approves the agreement, and whether you add them as an ad hoc approver or your supervisor does
  • If any additional details are to be provided in the Notes section or documents that need to be attached

Employee Steps to Complete the Form

Begin with the Remote Work Agreement tile under My Personal Information in the EBS Portal.

    1. If you hold more than one position with MSU, choose the assignment for which you will be working remotely.
      If you work remotely in MORE THAN ONE POSITION, you will need to fill out the form for EACH position with the corresponding dates for each.
    2. Choose the country in which you will be working.
    3. The address of any current remote work agreement will be entered for you by default for you to update. Otherwise, enter the address where you will be working remotely.
    4. Answer if this address is where you will do most of your work.
      If you answer "yes", you will next be asked about the type of schedule.
      1. Remote - nearly all of your work is done remotely
      2. Hybrid - some work is done remotely, some at an MSU location
    5. Record any university-issued equipment you will be provided in order to work remotely, such as computer equipment and office furniture.
    6. Enter the dates during which you will be working remotely.
    7. Agree to the terms and conditions of the Remote Work Agreement.
      Selecting the link above the agreement checkbox will take you to the full text of the agreement.
    8. If you selected a location outside Michigan, an "Outside Michigan Memo" approving this as a place of work is required. The memo should be from a senior member of your department, such as a Dean, Vice-President or MAU-authorized signatory. Your supervisor may add this document instead of you.
      1. Select "Outside Michigan Memo" from the "Attachments" dropdown before uploading.
      2. Do not choose "General Attachments." If you do, your supervisor will be prompted to add the document as an "Outside Michigan Memo."
    9. Use the "Send" button at the bottom to send this to your supervisor listed in the HR/Payroll System for additions and approval.
      You may also save a draft, which will be waiting for you to complete later in the HR/Payroll Inbox.