Support Staff Leave of Absence


From Actions

  1. Select HR/Payroll Forms & Cost Redistributions.
  2. From Select Employee Process, choose Process a Leave of Absence or Leave Return.
  3. From Select Employee type, choose Support Staff.
  4. Select Start Employee Process.
  5. Enter the employee name or personnel number (PERNR). Click the Start button.
  6. Select the person from the list. Click the Select Process button.
  7. Select the Leave of Absence process. Click the Fill Out Form button to open the form.
  8. Enter the Effective Date, the End Date and the Last Day Worked.
  9. Select the Leave Action and the Leave Reason.
  10. To add attachments, click on the “expand” icon to the far right of Attachments and Help Lookup and then the “expand” icon across from Attachment.  Select the Add Attachment button, the Attachment Type, Browse to the documents location, select the document to be attached,  and then Upload.
  11. After completion or review of variations you can click the house to return home, log out if you are finished or use the search to find another application.


  • At step 6, if the End Date is not known, leave the field with the default date of 12/31/9999 and enter the Estimated End Date in the field below.
  • At step 5, if the employee is returning from a Leave of Absence, select the Leave Action-Return option and the appropriate Leave Reason-Return option. If the end date was estimated, enter the exact End Date at this time.
  • If a flag appears with a message at the top of the window, this is indicating that required field information is missing. Enter or update the noted field information and then proceed with the Check and Send steps.