Graduate Assistant-Change of Status


  1. From Actions, select HR Forms: Pay & Cost Actions.
  2. From Select Employee Process, choose Change an Existing Appointment/Assignment.
  3. From This employee will be, choose Graduate Assistant.
  4. Click Start Employee Process.
  5. Enter the APID, and the Start Date and End Date for the Change of Status. Click the Start button to populate student data.
  6. Select the current assignment from the list.
  7. Select Change of Status from the option list. Click the Continue button to proceed.
  8. Complete the required fields marked with an asterisk (*).
  9. Use the drop-down lists and Matchcode button for field entry.
  10. Click the Evaluate button after the corresponding field has been completed.
  11. Click the Continue to form button to open the form.
  12. Complete the required fields with an asterisk (*). Use the Matchcode button to search and enter data where applicable.
  13. Click the Add Attachments button at the top of the window, then select General Attachments to attach documents.
  14. Click the Check and Send button to check for errors, then click the Send button to start the form through workflow.


  • At step 2, if the student's APID is not readily available, click the Open Extended Search button to find the student by name utilizing the Personnel Number matchcode button. Be sure to fill in the APID after conducting the search to ensure that information validates correctly. Validation is based on the APID.
  • If a message appears "Justification for selecting Level 3 job should be provided since calculated Graduate Level is 2. Please enter a justification in the Relevant Experience field," enter the justification in the free text field provided.
  • If changing the Graduate Assistant from a Research Assistant to a Teaching Assistant (or vice versa), note this change in the Comments Section of the form.
  • If a red flag with an informational note appears, enter or correct the item(s) before proceeding to the next step or submitting the form.
  • If a yellow flag appears with an informational note regarding support items or field entries, read and respond appropriately. However, this will not prevent submission of the form.
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