HR Forms

Follow this link to learn more about using the HR/Payroll Inbox.

Follow this link to learn more about the various forms initiated through HR/Payroll Forms and Cost Redistributions.

Adobe Interactive Forms

Certain forms require IE Mode in Microsoft Edge in order to be used.

Using a MacBook (or Linux, smartphone, tablet, etc.)? Your options for approving these forms are:

  • Use an MSU Virtual Desktop
    • If you receive the message "The attempted logon is invalid..."
    • Click "OK" on the error message
    • Choose "Other User" at lower left
    • Then sign in with your MSU NetID and password
  • Install Windows on your Mac using VMWare (Parallels is not supported by the vendor)
  • Use a Windows-base machine in your department

Learn more : Adobe Interactive forms and Mac.

Remote Work Agreements

Supervisors, new to approving forms? Here is information on approving Remote Work Agreements.

Additional Form Links