working with drafts

Applies to

Temporary or On-Call Posting form and Temporary and On-Call Hiring forms.


  1. When you save a draft of a form it appears on the My Approvals & Workflow menu, in the HR-Payroll Inbox.
  2. To open a draft, click the desired draft, then click Open Task from the lower right corner.  The form opens in a new window.
  3. May any changes or additions to the form.
  4. To add attachments to the form, select Attachment Type from the list provided.  Click the + Plus button to browse and select the appropriate attachment or drag and drop the file into the attachment section.  (Note:  When using drag and drop you may drop multiple files in the same location, though the tray seems to disappear, just keep dropping them in the same location.)
  5. Do one of the following:
    1. Submit the form by clicking Send to check the form for errors and start workflow.
    2. If you are not ready to submit the form, click the Save Draft button to save a draft back into the HR-Payroll Inbox.  (Note: This will close the form.)
    3. To delete the forms draft, click the Delete Draft button.  This removes the draft from the HR-Payroll Inbox.  When deleting a draft, the delete function is final. You receive a system message that the draft was deleted.  You cannot access the draft after clicking the Delete Draft button.

After completion close the tab/window.