Graduate assistant Dependents health insurance rates

If you are a graduate assistant, MSU provides you health care coverage at no cost to you. Coverage is also available to your eligible dependents. MSU contributes to the premium of dependent coverage:

  • Up to $2,500 per plan year towards the cost of a spouse or child; or
  • Up to $2,700 per plan year towards the cost of a spouse  and  a child/or two or more child(ren).

Enroll Your Eligible Dependents Here

How do I calculate how much I'll pay to enroll my dependents?

Step 1: Pick the dependents you want to enroll for the enrollment period you want them covered from the table below.

2019-2020 Premium Rates 

8/16/19 - 2/15/20
*Spring I
1/1/19- 8/15/20
Spring II
2/16/19 - 8/15/20
** Spring III
5/16/19- 8/15/20
Spouse $1,260 $1,575 $1,260 $630
One Child $1,260 $1,575 $1,260 $630
Two or More Children $2,520 $3,150 $2,520 $1,260

 *Available to Spring semester students new to MSU.
**Available to Summer semester students only. 

Step 2: Based on your selection from Step 1, determine what MSU's contribution will be from the table below:

MSU Contribution

  Fall   Spring I Spring II Spring III
One Dependent $1,250 $1,562.50 $1,250 $625
Two or More Dependents $1,350 $1,687 $1,350 $675

Step 3: To calculate your total premium due, add all your selections from Step 1 together and subtract your selection from Step 2 from it.