Mid-year election changes

 A mid-year election change may allow you to add or remove dependents from your health plans. Students and Graduate Assistants who miss the enrollment deadline to enroll themselves or dependents must wait for the next enrollment period, unless they have a Qualifying Life Event such as: 

  • Loss of other coverage
  • Marriage
  • Birth of a Child
  • Adoption of a Child
  • A family member who just arrived in the country

You will be given 31 days from your status change date to make your election.

Qualifying Life Event

Documentation Required

Loss of Coverage

You must provide evidence of lost coverage such as a Certificate of Coverage from the prior insurance carrier identifying the last date of coverage.


Marriage Certificate

Birth of a Child

Birth Certificate

Adoption of a Child

Proof of Adoption

A family member who just arrived
in the country

Visa or Passport