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Revisit and Re-evaluate

You will likely run into some challenges in managing flexible work, and that's okay. Think of your initial flexible work arrangements as "drafts" and plan to revisit them with the other person in the future. Check-in* often and proactively to ensure you and the other person are on the same page about what's working and what could be improved.

Self-reflection questions

  • How will I keep track of how working with flexibility is going with the employee? How often will I check-in?
  • How will I hold myself accountable to checking-in with them to find out what is and is not working?
  • How can I make sure the voices of the people I supervise are being heard? How will I communicate to them that I'm acting on their feedback?
  • How will I give feedback if our shared expectations about the work arrangements aren't met?
  • How will I onboard new employees to the team?
  • What level of time, energy, and support do I need to manage a flexible team?
  • What will business and non-business hours look like for the entire team? How do I make sure everyone is on the same page?
  • How will I onboard* a new employee the next time I hire? What will that look like?

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