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Organization and Professional Development 

Program Updates

  • New Hire Orientation
    • Program is being offered every Wednesday in 2024, hosted by MSU Human Resources.
    • The virtual program known as the New Employee Welcome Program, is being archived. New employees should use the information provided above to attend the in-person New Hire Orientation Program instead. 
  • New! CliftonStrengths Top-5 Report
    • Gallup released a new ClitonStrengths Top 5 Report through the Gallup Access portal. 
    • This report is available to anyone who has previously taken the CliftonStrengths assessment to unlock their top 5 Strengths. 
    • Previous versions of this report will remain available to those who have them already. 
    • Anyone interested in exploring CliftonStrengths for the first time can sign up to attend Identify and Maximize Your Strengths

Partner Updates

  • Join MSU Information Technology in February to learn more about collabroative tools such as Zoom, Teams, and Spartan 365.  Learn more. 
  • The MSU University Health and Wellbeing Spartan Resilience Education Program: Providing Leadership Through Solemn Anniversaries and Navigating Trauma Reminders and Reactions: A Community Connection for Supervisors, Mangers and Executive Leaders

Calendar Updates

  • OPD's 2024 confirmed course calendar is available on our website and in EBS for registration.
    • As additional opportunities are confirmed, they will be updated in EBS and our website. They will also be temporarily listed HERE in the Calendar Updates section of this page. 
    • Program costs are currently under review. Programs with an associated cost may experience a rate increase beginning July 1, 2024. Only once the program cost is confirmed will it be promoted on our website or in EBS. This only reflects courses from July - December 2024.