Student Employment Hire/Rehire/Additional Assignment

This document covers all student hiring actions, regardless of the student’s employment history, type of job (internship or not) and method of payment.

Selecting the Employee

The first stage in processing a student employee is to select the student. When processing a student employee you must use the students' StudentID. The system verifies hiring eligibility against Campus Solutions. 

If the student has other assignments, those assignments appear.  

An Employment Status box has been added on all student forms to provide you with enrollment/registration information. This will help you determine if a student is eligible for student employment during that particular time period or semester. 

To process a student form

To begin, from Actions:

  1. Select HR Forms: Pay & Cost Redistributions.
  2. From Select Employee Process, choose Create a New Appointment/Assignment.
  3. From This employee will be, choose Student Employee
  4. Select Start Employee Process.
  5. Enter the StudentID.
  6. Enter the Start Date.
  7. Click the Search Employee button.
  8. New hires will receive prompts regarding Social Security Number:
    1. For Citizens or Permanent Residents, enter valid Social Security Number (SSN)
    2. For Non-Citizens/Eligible for Aide, you will be prompted with the questions "Do you have a valid SSN?"
      1. If yes, select "Yes", enter valid SSN.
      2. If no, select "No", A system derived SSN will be generated for the employee.
  9. Click the Create Position button.

Creating the Position

Student positions are created whenever a process is initiated, as part of a continuous process. A position is always created, whether for a hire, rehire, or additional assignment. You will be asked a set of questions to determine the appropriate student employment titles to display.

Position Header

The first step in creating the position is to enter the organizational unit. The system then prompts you with a series of Yes/No questions. Your responses to these questions drive additional questions. The end result is a set of student job titles that correspond to your responses.

  1. Enter or search for and select the Organizational Unit of the position.
  2. Will you be paying this employee a LUMP Sum? Also known as project pay, this means you pay the student on a lump sum basis rather than hourly.
    • Yes.  Is this an Internship? Indicates whether or not this position is an internship. Internships may be paid or unpaid.
      • If yes, Is this internship paid? Indicate if internship is paid or unpaid.
        • Note:  Internships are professional learning experience in the workplace.  To assure quality learning experiences, the following needs to be completed on the intern assignment.
          • Summary of intern projects or primary duties (or job description)

          • Intern supervisor name, email, phone and office address

          • Internship start and end dates (which cannot exceed one year)

          • Intern pay rate and expected average hours worked per week

      • If no, complete Description of Duties.
    • No, then proceeds to step 3.
  3. Select the appropriate Job from the drop-down list.  The system populates the minimum and maximum pay rates for selected job.
  4. Click the Next Step Supervisor button.  


Supervisory responsibilities include general supervision and time approval. The relationships are between the student’s position and the supervisor's position, though it is generally easiest to search for the position based on the person holding that position.

To enter supervisor information

  1. Enter or Search for the Supervisor. If there is more than one entry for the person, choose the entry whose dates correspond to the hiring dates.
  2. Click the Position Overview button.

Position Overview

The last step in creating the position is the Position Overview. Review the position information for accuracy, clicking the tabs to view each subject. You may change editable fields as needed.

The button name displays the appropriate process based on the person’s status with the university:

  • Hire, if the person is new to the university or brand new to the HR/Payroll system.
  • Re-Hire Employee, if the person was previously employed by the university but has had a break in service.
  • Add Assignment, if the person is currently employed by the university. 

The new form opens in the same window. The form title reflects the process, for example; Hire. 

The following sections cover the Hire Employee process. 

Fill out the Form

Saving the Form

If at any point you wish to save the form and finish it later, click the Save Draft button. You can access the draft from your HR/Payroll Inbox.


Click any step in the Navigation Bar to go directly to that section of the form. 

  • Use the Tab key on the keyboard to move from field to field.
  • Where you see a search button (two overlapping boxes), you can press the F4 key to open the search window, rather than clicking on the button.
  • Click the Download PDF link in the upper right corner of the form at any time to generate a PDF of the form.
  • Click on the Forms and Workflow Path menu in the upper right corner of the window to view:
    • Links to policies and procedures that may apply
    • Forms that can be attached and submitted
    • The Workflow Path for the form

Personal Details

Data is populated here either from SAP for students who have been previously employed by the University or from Campus Solutions for students who have not previously been employed. 

  • Action: Displays the type of hiring process/action.
  • Title: If applicable, select from options form drop-down. (Mr., Mrs., Ms., etc.)
  • First Name
  • Preferred Name: Display also known as name (preferred name)
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Suffix: If applicable, select from options from drop-down. (II, Jr., etc.)
  • Gender
  • StudentID
  • Citizenship
  • I-9 Status
  • I-9 Expiry Date

Verify that the name matches the name on the Social Security Number card. All student employees, regardless of citizenship, must have a completed I-9 on file.  This form must be completed within three days of the employment date and the original sent to MSU Human Resources (Central HR). 

Organizational Assignment

The position information shown here is for an hourly student employee and cannot be edited. (If Duties Descriptions field displays, this may be edited).  If any information listed here is incorrect, you must start again from the beginning. 

Planned Working Time

For students, the applicable work schedule rule and employment percent populate.  These fields are not editable.

When hiring a student to an internship, provide the average hours per week the student will commit to the internship learning experience.

Pay and Cost

At least one pay and cost distribution row must have an end date of 12/31/9999. You may also enter additional accounts with end dates, such as contract and grant accounts.

To enter funding

The cost distribution section defines permissible accounts the student can be paid from. Accounts entered here cannot have end dates, since student positions do not have end dates. To pay a student from an end dated account, such as a contract and grant account, complete a cost distribution after the student is employed to add the grant account. 

Actual costs are driven by student time as it is entered.

  1. If paid hourly, enter the Hourly Rate Regular Pay or if paid Lump Sum, enter the Lump Sum Amount.
  2. Select the + sign to enter a funding line.
  3. Search for and select a Fund. If you type the account number, press Enter after typing it to default the other required accounting information.
  4. If necessary, search for and select funding elements.
    1. If no sub-account is entered,  WBS Element defaults to “No_Sub-Account.”
    2. If no functional area is entered, the value will default to "99999999".
    3. Select OK to add the funding line.
  5. Repeat the above steps for each additional funding line.
    1. To edit a funding line, select the pencil icon.
    2. To remove a funding line, select the x.

Lump Sum Payments

Enter the Lump Sum Amount.  In the Description field, explain why hours cannot be tracked for the position, and enter information funding information in the notes section of the form.  Only general fund accounts can be used to process the form.  Submit a cost redistribution if the student should be paid from a grant account.  Central HR enters the cost information when the reaches them after unit approvals.

Additional Information

Relative in the department

Select either Yes or No - Does the employee have relative in the department? 

If Yes, the Conflict of Interest form must be faxed to the number on the form.  From Forms & Workflow Path located in upper right corner contains the link to the Conflict of Interest form.


When hiring a student to an internship, an additional Internship section appears in the form.  Enter the End Date and from keyboard, select Enter to populate the Midpoint Evaluation Date.  Check the policy boxes to indicate your understanding of them and describe the internship project(s) and describe the internship project(s)/primary duties.

Internships@State and Supervisor Internship Guide is available from Forms & Workflow Path.

Ad Hoc Approvers

The form can be submitted to Ad Hoc Approvers (2 maximum).  If more than 2 Ad Hoc Approvers are entered, you will receive a hard stop error upon clicking "Send" when submitting the form into workflow.  To add Ad Hoc Approver:

  1. Select the + sign.
  2. Enter the MSU NetID.
    1. Alternatively, you can search by employee name by clicking on the search button (overlapping boxes) or hitting F4 on your keyboard.
  3. Select Ok.


To enter Notes:

  1. Enter notes in the field.
  2. Click on the > (right arrow) to submit.
    1. To delete a comment that has been submitted, click on the "Delete" link above your comment.
    2. To edit a comment that has been submitted, click the "Edit" link above your comment.  Edit your comment in the field above.  Click on the > (right arrow) to resubmit.

Acknowledgement Section

The acknowledgement section must be completed in order to submit the form into workflow. You will be prompted to certify that you verify the form is complete to the best of your knowledge. To do this, click on the box next to the statement “I verify this form is complete to the best of my knowledge”.

Once the certification has been completed, the form will display any important messages that require your review and acknowledgement. Please review each message carefully and acknowledge the message by checking the box that appears next to it. All messages must be acknowledged before the form can be submitted.


Links to forms that can be attached and submitted can be found in the "Forms & Workflow Path" menu in the upper right corner of the form.

To upload an attachment

  1. Select the attachment being uploaded from the Attachment Type drop-down list.
  2. Click on the + sign to locate and select the attachment.
    1. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the attachment to the attachment upload section denoted with a paper icon.

Submit Form

Review the completed form, making any needed changes to the information. 

If desired, generate a PDF by clicking the Download PDF button. The PDF version of the form opens in a new window and can be saved or printed. 

Click the Send button to have the system perform a final check of the information and route the completed form for approval  If there are hard stop errors that need to be corrected before submission, the errors will appear upon clicking Send. If hard stop errors appear:

  1. Correct the errors.
  2. Complete the Acknowledgement Section of the form.
  3. Click Send to submit into workflow

Upon successful submission, the HR/Payroll system displays a process reference number.      

The form then enters workflow. The form routes for all unit approvals, then goes to central HR. Central HR reviews the form, verifies receipt of the hard copy Form I-9, conducts the background check, then approves the form to update the HR/Payroll system.

As the form routes for approvals, Approvers are able to view the form via the Summary Screen or as a PDF by clicking the Download PDF button. 

Review Form and Confirmation

You are now ready to send the form for approval. 

Click the Send button to route the completed form for approval. Upon successful submission, the HR/payroll system displays a process reference number. 

The form then enters workflow. The form routes for all unit approvals, then updates the HR/Payroll system if approvals beyond the unit level are not required. If approvals beyond the unit level are required the form routes appropriately.

  • Internships route to Career Services for approval, who then approves it to update the HR/Payroll system. No manual entry is done.
  • Students paid on a lump sum basis route to central HR for approval. Central HR reviews the form, then approves it to update the HR/Payroll system. No manual entry is done by central HR. 

As the form routes for approvals, approvers are able to view the form via the Summary Screen or as a PDF by clicking the Generate PDF button. 

Attachments are an important part of the hiring process. To ensure that all appropriate attachments are available to all approvers, approvers cannot add or remove attachments. If attachments must be changed, the approver should reject the form back to the initiator.


Students must review and complete each of the policy forms, even for rehires or additional assignments, from Forms & Workflow Path.  Please review Student Hiring Information

Student Employee Work Hour Policies

The HR/Payroll system strictly enforces student employee work hour policies of 29 hours per week (20 for international students), regardless of the number of positions worked and/or graduate assistantships. For example, if a student works 20 hours Sunday through Wednesday for MSU Stores; that student can only work a maximum of 9 hours Thursday through Saturday for MSU Concessions. During finals week, semester breaks and during the summer, all students are limited to 40 hours per week. The 20/29 hour limit applies during the academic year (fall and spring semesters). 

Students receive two warnings when violating the 29 hour rule before being automatically terminated from employment on the third offense. Students that are terminated for this offense cannot be rehired into any hourly position at MSU for six weeks.