support staff HIRE

A Support Staff Hire draft will be automatically created in EBS once the applicant completes the Data Collecton Form in the Applicant Tracking System.  This form will be pre-populated with information collected from the applicant on the Data Collection Form.

This form is used to hire support staff into positions that have been posted.  Support Staff applicants may be:

  • Individuals who are brand new hires to the University
  • Individuals who are currently active and working at the University
  • Individuals who are returning to the University to work

Access the Draft Form

To access the draft form, the employee must have the “HR Unit SS Form Initiator” role for the hiring organizational unit. Request access for this role via Client Portal>Enterprise Business Access Requests>EBS-Unit HR Roles.

To initiate visit: Service - Access Management (

When the employee is granted the necessary role, the form is accessed via the EBS Portal; My Approvals & Workflow Tile; HR/Payroll Inbox. An email is generated when Support Staff Hire Draft is created.  Your email notification preferences (immediate, no emails, daily summary) determine when or if you will recieve email notifications. Within the email is a link that will allow you launch the support staff hire draft form.

From My Approvals & Workflow, select “Approvers’ and Initiators’ HR Security Roles” to determine which employees currently have access to the HR Unit SS Form Initiator role.

Saving the Form

The form saves form data as it is entered in the form. However, if at any point you wish to save the form and finish it later, click the Save Draft button. Clicking the Save Draft button will close the form. You can access the draft from your HR/Payroll Inbox.

Fill out the Form

Click any section/tab in the Header Navigation Bar to go directly to that section of the form.

  • Use the Tab key on the keyboard to move from field to field
  • Where you see a search button (two overlapping boxes), you can press the F4 key to open the search window, rather than clicking on the button
  • Click the Download PDF in the upper right corner of the form at any time to generate a PDF of the form
  • Click on the Forms and Workflow Path menu in the upper right corner of the window to view links to policies and procedures that may apply, forms that can be attached and submitted, the workflow path for the form

Posting Data

This section displays posting number for position the employee is being hired into.

Personal Details

Personal details will pre-populate when values exist and are relevant for the hiring scenario. These details are not editable. Personal detail may include:

  • Legal First, Middle, Last Name (Name exactly as it appears on the Social Security card)
  • Title
  • Suffix
  • Gender
  • Citizenship
  • I-9 Status

Additional Personal Data

The following additional personal data fields, if displayed, if known should be completed.

  • Disability status
  • Veteran status
  • Ethnicity
  • Race

Organizational Data

The position information from the posted position shown here.  Supervisor field is the only editable field and is required.  Supervisor position must be an occupied position.

Supervisor's Position

Supervisor position, if it exists, will pre-populate into the form and is editable. A Supervisor is required for all positions. Enter Supervisor position number or select the look up (double square box) to search for the supervisor by:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Position Number
  • Organization Unit ID
  • Position Name

Neighborhood and Team

Applicable only if primary organization reports to Student Life & Engagement (SLE). Both Neighborhood and Team fields are *Required. Use the drop-down and make the appropriate selection.

Crew and Shop Area

Applicable only if primary organization reports to Infrastructure Planning and Facilities both Crew and Shop Area fields are *Required. Use the drop-down and make the appropriate selection.

Planned Working Time

Planned Working Time includes the employee's work schedule and employment percent and pre-populates from posted information for the position.

Contact Information

Address information, such as home address, emergency contact display typically for new to the University employee hires. Fields pre-populate from data entered by the new employee in accepting the position. Applicants in accepting the position may not have completed all details. Therefore, required fields will need to be completed. Required fields are identified in the form with an asterisk.

Administrative Address

The Administrative Address pre-populates from posted position and is editable. This address is the most direct MSU mailing address for the employee; the address where mail is sent for the employee.

To change an Administrative Address

  1. Specify the Building, either by entering the building number or looking up and selecting the building by name. When entering the building, it is not necessary to enter the preceding zeroes.
  2. If necessary, select Enter to populate address information and see a range of valid room numbers.
  3. Enter the room number (alpha characters are allowed), and the Telephone Number, if desired.

Actual Work Location

The Actual Work Location is the actual (physical) work location of the employee if it differs from the administrative address. If the work location does not differ from the administrative address, the work location is not required.

The Actual Work Location phone number must be entered as follows, in the format +1AAANNNNNNNxEEEEE (+15173533121x534). This format is required for data to be displayed correctly via the portal or through the data warehouse. This format is only required for the Actual Work Location phone number.

Basic Pay and Cost Distribution

Minimum Rate/Salary may display for posted position. Annual Salary/Hourly rate pre-populate from Hiring Recommendation and are not editable.  

Permissible Funds

Permissible accounts from which the employee can be paid from pre-populates and requires review. At least one funding row must have an end date of 12/31/9999, even if the employee has an end date. After reviewing, select “Compute Cost Distribution” button.

  1. Select the + sign to enter a funding line.
  2. Search for and select a Fund. If you type the account number, press Enter after typing it to default the other required accounting information.
  3. If necessary, search for and select funding elements.
    1. If no sub-account is entered, WBS Element defaults to “No_Sub-Account.”
    2. If no functional area is entered, the value will default to "99999999".
    3. Select OK to add the funding line.
  4. Repeat the above steps for each additional funding line.
    1. To edit a funding line, select the pencil icon.
    2. To remove a funding line, select the x.

Additional Information

Relative in the department

Applicants in accepting the position may have identified a relative in the department and the form pre-populates their response. If yes, the Conflict-of-Interest form is a required attachment.

Data Changes Table

To easily identify changes, a Data Changes table appears at the bottom of the form.

The Data Changes table shows any changes that will be made to the employee's record as a result of submitting the form. The table changes as the form is filled out.  Refresh the table manually at any time by selecting the Refresh button.

Ad Hoc Approver

The form can be submitted to Ad Hoc Approvers (2 maximum). If more than 2 Ad Hoc Approvers are entered, you will receive a hard stop error upon clicking "Send" when submitting the form into workflow.

To add Ad Hoc Approver:

  1. Select the + sign.

  2. Enter the MSU NetID.  Alternatively, you can search by employee name by clicking on the search button (overlapping boxes) or selecting F4 on the keyboard.
  3. Select Ok.

Acknowledgement Section

The acknowledgement section must be completed to submit the form into workflow. You will be prompted to certify that you verify the form is complete to the best of your knowledge. To do this, click on the box next to the statement “I verify this form is complete to the best of my knowledge”.

Once the certification has been completed, the form will display any important messages that require your review and acknowledgement. Please review each message carefully and acknowledge the message by checking the box that appears next to it. All messages must be acknowledged before the form can be submitted.


To enter Notes:

  1. Enter notes in the field.
  2. Click the > (right arrow) to submit.

To delete a comment that has been submitted, click the "Delete" link above the entered comment/note.


Links to forms that can be attached and submitted can be found in the "Forms & Workflow Path" menu in the upper right corner of the form.

NOTE: Attachment filenames should not contain special characters (*, &, ^,%, etc.).

To upload an attachment

  1. Select the attachment being uploaded from the Attachment Type drop-down list.
  2. Click on the + sign to locate and select the attachment.
  3. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the attachment to the attachment upload section denoted with a paper icon.

Submit Form

Review the completed form, making any needed changes to the information.

If desired, generate a PDF by clicking the Download PDF button. The PDF version of the form opens in a new window and can be saved or printed.

Click the Send button to have the system perform a final check of the information and route the completed form for approvals. If there are hard stop errors that need to be corrected before submission, the errors will appear upon clicking Send. If hard stop errors appear:

  1. Correct the errors.
  2. Complete the Acknowledgement Section of the form.
  3. Click Send to submit into workflow.

Upon successful submission, the HR/Payroll system displays a process reference number.

The form then enters workflow. The form routes for all unit approvals, then goes to central HR. Central HR reviews the form, verifies receipt of the hard copy Form I-9, conducts the background check, then approves the form to update the HR/Payroll system.

As the form routes for approvals, Approvers may view the form via the Summary Screen or as a PDF by clicking the Download PDF button.

Review Form and Confirmation

You are now ready to send the form for approval.

Click the Send button to route the completed form for approval. Upon successful submission, the HR/payroll system displays a process reference number.

The form then enters workflow. The form routes for all unit approvals, then updates the HR/Payroll system if approvals beyond the unit level are not required. If approvals beyond the unit level are required, the form routes appropriately.

As the form routes for approvals, approvers are able to view the form via the Summary Screen or as a PDF by clicking the Generate PDF button.

Attachments are an important part of the hiring process. To ensure that all appropriate attachments are available to all approvers, approvers cannot add or remove attachments. If attachments must be changed, the approver should reject the form back to the initiator.