ay summer appointments

This reference guide covers creating/amending and viewing AY (academic year) summer appointments for academic faculty and staff. 

Enter Employee Information

To start the process, click Actions > HR/Payroll Forms & Cost Redistributions > Process an AY Summer Appt for Faculty or Acad. Staff > Start Employee Process. 

  1. Enter the personnel number or search for and select the employee by name using the search button. 
  2. Click the Search Employee button. The system populates the Employee Details and Base Pay Details. You will be directed to create a new AY summer appointment if one does not exist. If one does exist, the data for the current summer appointment will be displayed and you will be given the option to amend the appointment. 
  3. Click the New Appointment or Amendment button to begin entering the summer appointment.

Step 1 Enter Employee Information

  1. Enter the Start Date and End Date of the appointment. Dates must be within the range specified for the summer term, typically May 16 to August 15.  If you were directed to an Amendment, then you will be able to edit or delete the current summer appointment or add an additional summer appointment.
  2. In the appointment type field, select the appointment type of Teaching or Research/Other from the drop down menu.
  3. Enter the fund in the Fund (Account) field.
  4. If applicable, enter the WBS Element (Sub-Account).
  5. If applicable, enter the Cost Center (Sub-Object).
  6. If the appointment type is teaching, you are required to enter UNTF or NOUNTF in the Order (Project Code).
  7. If the appointment type is teaching, you are required to enter the course and section number in the Functional Area (Org Ref ID). The search functionality is particularly useful with this field, and using an asterisk “*” as a wildcard to search for courses is recommended. For example, to search for course ANR-00250730, type ANR*250* to view all ANR 250 sections
  8. Enter either the effort percentage or the total dollar amount for the summer appointment. These fields are dependent on each other and will populate based on whichever field is changed. If you have another appointment line, then repeat this process.
  9. When finished entering information, click the Next button to calculate or update totals and check for errors. Errors will appear on the screen.  After everything looks accurate, click Continue.

Step 2 

  1. Add comments and attach documents if needed. If the employee is UNTF, the UNTF Offer Letter is required. 

Step 3 

  1. Click the Next button to get to the summary screen, where future approvers are displayed on the page.  If everything is accurate, click Check to get to the Review screen.  If additional approvers are required, add an Ad Hoc Approver. 

Step 4 

  1. A PDF version of the form can be generated. Note: If printed prior to submission of the form, the PDF version will not display the process reference number because those numbers are not generated until workflow is initiated.   Click Send to submit the form into workflow. After the form is submitted, the form reference number will appear.

After completion or review of variations you can click the house to return home, log out if you are finished or use the search to find another application.


  • Delete an Appointment Line 
    1. Click the button of the line to select it. 
    2. Click the Delete Line button. 
  • Attach a Document 
    1. Click the Browse button. 
    2. Search for and select the file to attach, and then click the Open button. 
    3. Click the Upload Attachment button to attach the document. The attachment appears in the list of attachments. 
  • Delete an Attachment 
    1. Click the button of the attachment to select it. 
    2. Click the Delete Attachment button. 
  • Rejected Form
    1. If a form has been rejected, you can edit the form and resubmit it. If you do not want to resubmit the form, you should open the form and withdraw it from workflow.
  • Troubleshooting Common Issues
    1. Employee is not an active AY faculty member or academic staff. This process applies only to active AY faculty and staff. If you feel the employee should be AY, contact HR.
    2. Employee is allocated over 100%. Employees cannot be allocated over 100% during any time period. Check your date ranges. Additional pay above 100% should be submitted on an Additional Payments forma as overload pay. 
  • Additional Information
    1. If the summer course has not made it all the way through the Registrar's Office and is therefore not in the system, enter COURSE-TBD in the Functional Area and include in the comments information about the course to be determined.
  • Checking a Form in Workflow 
    1. AY Summer Appointment forms can be viewed through the HR Processes and Forms Workflow Activity Report found on the Unit Administrator>Administrative Services tab>Processed Forms and Positions Requests. Note:  The PDF of the form will only be viewable to initiators and approvers of the form