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The Course Fee Courtesy (Family Tuition Benefit) tile is in the EBS Portal under the tab “My Career & Training.”


You will need to know the 9-digit Student ID (starting with a “1”) of the dependent for whom you are requesting a partial tuition credit.

Please read the relevant policies, procedures, and FAQs linked on this page before completing this application.


Applying for tuition assistance for a dependent is easy:

  1. Select the semester when the tuition credit will start
  2. Enter the 9-digit Student ID (e.g. 198765432) of your dependent
    (The name of the dependent you entered will display on screen at this point.)
  3. Select the student’s relationship to you
  4. Indicate the amount of support you provide for the student, BOTH in terms of:
    1. If they were on your latest tax return
    2. If you provide more than 50% of the student’s support
  5. You may optionally enter a comment; use the “submit” (right angle bracket “>” icon) to add your comment
  6. Select the “Send” button

Observe any error messages on the screen and make corrections as needed. You will be notified if you or the student are not eligible for the benefit for any reason.

When successful, a Process Reference number will display on screen and an email notification will be sent to you confirming your Course Fee Courtesy benefit has been approved.


My dependent provided me with a student ID that begins with A; what do I do?
Change the character “A” to the digit “1” to derive the proper Student ID. For example A98765432 became 198765432.

Why don't I see my dependent's name on the form? I want to make sure I entered the correct student ID.
Your dependent's name will show on screen after you have entered both their student ID AND the semester they will start receiving the benefit. 

I am missing some information; can I stop and restart the application later?
If, while filling out the application, you find you are missing information, you can choose to “Save Draft.” The draft will then be found waiting for you to complete in the “HR/Payroll Inbox.” Look for an item titled:

Draft: YOUR NAME: Course Fee Courtesy Application - Initiator Step

Do I have to apply again next semester?
If approved, the application will automatically extend to future semesters provided you and the student are continuously eligible.

How will I know if the application is approved?
You will be able to see the status of your application in the “HR Forms Workflow Report.” Use the following criteria to find it:

  • Process Name = “Course Fee Courtesy Application”
  • Process Initiator = your MSU NetID at the time of the application
  • Start Date = can be left blank

If you saved a draft of an application, the status of the draft is also available here. Note:  It cannot be completed (go to the "HR/Payroll Inbox" for that), but you can “Withdraw” the application from the “Details” screen.

I have questions about prior semesters, who do I contact?

Email or call 517-353-4434.