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Summary of the Benefit

The Course Fee Courtesy Program provides tuition assistance in an amount equal to one half of the applicable Michigan resident Undergraduate course fees (lower division or upper division fees only - this program will not pay the higher off-campus rate if the student takes any off-campus courses). The program is valid only for the first bachelor’s degree, or a certificate in the agricultural technology program, and is valid through the semester in which the 120th credit is attempted. This reduction in tuition is only valid for students attending MSU. It is not applicable for any other institution.

Course fees shall be defined as credit hour tuition rates only. This program does not provide reduction of the registration fee, taxes or other charges as may be collected by the University for third parties.

Effective Date

Employees who have met the eligible requirements prior to the second week of a semester are considered eligible for that entire semester.

Employee Eligibility

University Support Staff

All regular full-time support staff employees, including Administrative Professional staff with flexible appointments and “official retirees” are eligible for this program after completion of 60 continuous full-time equivalent (FTE) service months.

Faculty and Academic Staff

Full-time appointments in the tenure system; full-time appointments in the specialist, librarian, FRIB/NSCL, MSU Extension continuing appointment systems; or other continuing appointment; full-time appointments in executive management positions; and full-time contracts that specify immediate eligibility for the Course Fee Courtesy are eligible for the Course Fee Courtesy immediately upon appointment. For administrative purposes, appointment must begin by September 1 for eligibility for Fall semester, by January 15 for eligibility for Spring semester, or by June 1 for eligibility for Summer semester.
Full-time Health Programs (HP) faculty are eligible for the Course Fee Courtesy upon commencement of the first additional HP appointment. For administrative purposes, the first additional HP appointment must begin by September 1 for eligibility for Fall semester, by January 15 for eligibility for Spring semester, or by June 1 for eligibility for Summer semester. Full-time faculty/academic staff with fixed-term appointments (i.e., appointment status is fixed term, rolling fixed term, contract, or rolling contract) who are not included in 1.1 or 1.2 above are eligible for the Course Fee Courtesy upon attainment of 60 full-time equivalent (FTE) service months. For administrative purposes, the 60 FTE must be reached by September 1 for eligibility for Fall semester, by January 15 for eligibility for Spring semester, or by June 1 for eligibility for Summer semester.

Faculty/academic staff must be covered under one of the above to be eligible.


Official retirees of MSU who were eligible at the time of their retirement retain their eligibility during retirement.

Student Eligibility

Spouses and dependent children who are eligible for the Course Fee Courtesy are defined as follows:

Dependent Children

Children of eligible support staff, faculty, or academic staff who are qualified dependents for federal income tax purposes or children of eligible support staff, faculty or academic staff for whom the employee provides more than 50% support. Such children who have eligible faculty, academic staff or support staff as their legal guardians.
NOTE: If an eligible child has more than one eligible parent working at MSU, he or she is still only eligible for 50% course fee credit.


The legal recognized spouse of eligible support staff, faculty or academic staff.

Extenuating Eligibility

Approved Leave

Approved dependents of eligible support staff, faculty or academic staff on approved leave of absence will continue to be eligible for the Course Fee Courtesy.


Approved dependents of eligible support staff, faculty or academic staff or eligible retiree retain eligibility in the following situations:

1) If the employee in a recipient of Long-Term Disability.
2) If the employee dies while actively employed or while a recipient of Long-Term
Disability benefits.
3) If the retiree dies.

Enrollment and Admission Requirements

Students’ academic eligibility is based on the following: Student applicants must be admitted or readmitted to Michigan State University in accordance with the normal requirements for admission and readmission. The student must be enrolled in Agricultural Technology or a degree-granting program leading to a first baccalaureate degree. (No preference students are also eligible.) Credits ATTEMPTED must equal less than 120. These credits will be calculated by adding the student’s total credits earned (including transfer credits, pass grades and credit grades), plus credits for courses in which the student received a Deferred, Incomplete, Withdrawn, Extension, No-pass, No-credit, or 0.0, and/or Repeat Credits.


If the student drops courses or withdraws form school during the refund period, any refund applicable to the Course Fee Courtesy will revert to the University.

Termination of the Course Fee Courtesy Program

Except as stipulated, the Course Fee Courtesy for spouse and dependent children will be discontinued at the conclusion of the semester during which the employee or student becomes ineligible or employment is terminated. Refer to Extenuating Eligibility for more information.

Employee/Retiree Responsibilities

Complete and submit the online Course Fee Courtesy Application in the EBS Portal. Only one application needs to be completed for each student for the entire undergraduate degree (120 credits attempted) unless the student leaves the university and readmission as a student is required. Applications should be submitted to the appropriate office in accordance with the following deadlines:

  • Fall Semester June 1
  • Spring Semester October 1
  • Summer Semester March 1

Finalizing application for Course Fee Courtesy

After the eligibility of the support staff, faculty or academic staff member has been determined by Human Resources, the application is forwarded to the Office of Financial Aid for determination of student eligibility. If the employee and the student are determined to be eligible, they will received an e-mail notification of the approval of the application. Notification of disapproval is also made via e-mail.

Registration Information for Course Fee Courtesy Students

Applications submitted in accordance with the deadlines will have the Course Fee Courtesy appear on the student’s bill as a credit prior to registration and considered in the final assessment process.

Applications submitted after the Course Fee Courtesy Application deadlines will also be processed. However, the Course Fee Courtesy credit may not appear on the student’s bill. Therefore, the student should be prepared to pay their full tuition.

The Office of Financial Aid will review all approved applications and coordinate Financial Aid Awards to include the Course Fee Courtesy. When appropriate, a revised Financial Aid award notification will be sent to the student.

If the application for the Course Fee Courtesy is processed after the student has registered, he or she will receive a credit on their account. This credit will be refunded to the student.

Please Note: If the student owes any funds to Michigan State University for any reason, a deduction will be made from the reimbursement before the check is issued to the student.

Course Fee Courtesy Policies

Course Fee Courtesy Policy for Faculty/Academic Staff

Course Fee Courtesy Policy for Support Staff


If you would like more information on the Course Fee Courtesy program, please visit our Course Fee Courtesy FAQ Page.

Updated: 1/21/2022