Support Staff Policies & Procedures

Course Fee Courtesy Policy for Support Staff


Applies to: Regular full-time University support staff, flexible appointees with 60 full-time equivalent (FTE) service months, and official retirees of the University

The University provides financial assistance to enhance the educational development of a support staff member's spouse and dependent child(ren). (For faculty and academic staff employee eligibility, see the Faculty Handbook.)

Summary of benefit: Course Fee Courtesy consists of credit of an amount equal to one-half of the applicable Michigan resident on-campus undergraduate course fees at Michigan State University. This reduction in tuition is not applicable while enrolled at any other institution.

Effective date of benefit: The benefit becomes effective for the spouse and dependent child(ren) of eligible support staff who have met the eligibility requirements prior to the second week of the semester.

Eligibility requirements: The staff member must be full-time or have a flexible appointment and have 60 FTE service months to be eligible for Course Fee Courtesy. Eligible spouse and dependent child(ren) are defined as follows:

Termination of eligibility: Except as stipulated above, the Course Fee Courtesy for spouse and dependent child(ren) will be discontinued at the conclusion of the semester in which employment of the eligible faculty, academic staff or University support staff member is terminated.

Footnote:  1"Michigan State University discontinued benefits for MSU recognized same-sex domestic partners in order to comply with the Michigan Supreme Court's ruling in National Pride at Work, Inc. v. Governor of Michigan, 481 Mich. 56 (2008). Accordingly, references to MSU recognized same-sex domestic partners in this policy have been rendered invalid."


Application for Course Fee Courtesy: 
Employee:  Applies for Course Fee Courtesy online in the EBS Portal in accordance with established deadlines. (see Summary of benefit, above)

MSU Human Resources:

Confirmation of Eligibility and Notification: 
MSU Human Resources: Determines employee eligibility and forwards the online application to the Office of Financial Aid for determination of student-applicant eligibility. Employee and student will both receive e-mail notification of application's approval or disapproval.

Refer questions to: Julie Rorick, MSU Human Resources (telephone 517-884-0177, e-mail

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