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Business Purpose

The Salary Comparison Report (HRP 1066) provides a summary view of university statistics related to union/non-union employees by job title or classification and salary compensation information for reporting purposes, with the ability to drill down to related data for a specific job title or classification to see individual employee detail across university organizations. The information can be used to help manage the internal and external equity in an organization, and to benchmark salary comparison against the university and other MAUs and departments. The data related to this report is based on active regular employees only, and does not include employees on a leave of absence without pay, terminated or retired, as of the selection date used for the report.

Access and Location

Those with the HR Unit Administrator or HR Unit Time Administrator role within EBS should automatically have access to this report.  Access can be granted to this report through an individual e-ARM for those who need access but do not need the broader access of the previously mentioned EBS roles.

The HRP 1066 Salary Comparison Report can be found by following the navigation path in Cognos: Public Folders > HR-Payroll Folder > University HR-Payroll Reports > OMPA - Organizational Management/Personnel Administration > Salary Comparison Report – HRP1066

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For general information on how to use Enterprise Business System (EBS) Business Intelligence reports (scheduling reports, exporting to excel, etc.), please visit the Data Services Training page.